Thursday 9 October 2014

Women and Fake Careers

Ran across a secretary at work in the kitchen, cutting up various vegetables and sausage rolls and stuff in preparation for a smoko tomorrow morning. For non-NZ'ers, smoko is the morning or afternoon tea break at 10am or 3pm.

Being the Black-Knight eeeevil bastard patriarchy damnfool idiot that I am, I immediately wondered: "Why is the secretary doing this instead of doing her filing, paperwork, typing up diction, accounts, et-fucking-cetera?"

Y'know, the stuff that actually makes the business money.

Then I realized: it's cheaper to have her do it (minimum wage) than it is to pay some caterer to do it for us (they'd charge about twice minimum wage - after all, gotta make a profit). So instead of making the business money, she was saving the business a few cents. False economy of course.

Be entitled proud, women. Your high-end well-paid careers now consist of:
  • filing paperwork
  • doing accounts
  • cooking
Hooray. You have a BA in English, know your ABCs, and can do simple addition. You also know how to waitress (boss gotta have his coffee). To add to your repertoire of professional accomplishments: you can even cook.

How deeply fulfilling for you.

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