Monday 27 October 2014

How To Create A Subnormal Male

Here's the steps:

1/ remove the father, have the child raised solely by the mother (divorce and single mommies)

2/ belittle and demonize the child (boys are stupid, throw rocks at them)

3/ prevent the child from playing properly (go to your room and be quiet)

4/ confuse the child's sexuality (I knew a woman who dressed her son as a girl)

5/ don't allow the child to indulge in curiosity (nothing intellectually stimulating available)

6/ encourage the child to express themselves (sensitive new age guy or pajamaboy)

7/ demonize the child's sexuality (punish him for his natural urges)

8/ don't allow the child to learn anything gender-specific (cars, electronics, mechanics, etc)

9/ approve of the first slut who comes the child's way (man up and marry that slut)

10/ wonder why the child's  life is such a mess and they're always having to mooch off you

 A special bonus, not in the above list:

0/ always refer to the child in gender-neutral terms (oh yes. they're very gifted)

Enjoy the beginnings of your unthinking slavery.

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