Wednesday 1 October 2014

Riders Of The Fempocalypse

Currently the Feminine Imperative is doing its Sherman's March (aka scorched earth/total warfare policy) right the way through society. Nobody is safe from the riders of the Fempocalypse:

Disease - every motherfucking STD you can imagine

War - exactly what they're doing to men in an unacknowledged civil war of hatred and devaluation

Famine - men and women (and their families) are dying in the sexual and economic famine that is being created (much of it via frivorce/divorce-rape)

Death - what the West is heading towards through not breeding (especially when at least 49% of children are born to single-mommies, effectively defective from the get-go)

I do have a bitter taste of schadenfreude at the thought of what is to come. It isn't much consolation, yet I will take what little consolation that I can have.

Women think they're equal to men. They are so wrong. Men - even the pathetic excuses of men that we have these days - are a thousand times better at war. We are also getting really pissed off, as evidenced by not helping women when they need it. Even the whole business of Men Going Their Own Way. What will happen when that turns to outright hatred and revenge?

They say that women are bred for socialization. Men are bred to kill. Which is why, in a war, all women have as a defense is to part their legs in an effort to survive. The pleasant little backstabbing social niceties over high tea are gone when war hits and a platoon of men are ripping your clothes off as they prepare to literally gang-rape you to death.

Assuming that they waste time ripping your clothes off.

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