Sunday 4 January 2015

The Problem With Churchianity

Actually this is a problem with all religions: they exist only to reinforce the feminine imperative.

This is why I have trouble with blogs like Dalrock's, with their Christian-religion spin. I read blogs like that, read books like The Manipulated Man, then have to ask myself if the author of the blog has actually read the book and taken a close, careful look at the religion he espouses.

If they haven't, then they appear to be deluded in their defense of the Church and their calling-out for a return to the "traditional" marriage (the old 1.0 vs modern 2.0). If they have, then there are two troubling possibilities:

1/ The author has summarily rejected the idea that the Church is formed to reinforce the feminine imperative - and it's doing a damned good job of that in these changed days also.

2/ The author is fully aware that the Church is formed to reinforce the feminine imperative - and is fine with that, perhaps even cynically using it to his advantage.

Delusional or willing acceptance of slavery. Either is cause for me to wonder.

Instead, be free.


  1. 1) Jesus had a mission and did not deviate from accomplishing that mission.
    2) Jesus was surrounded by women who were drawn to him.

    Conclusion: Jesus is the Alpha. Why do you think the majority of church congregations are female? They know Alpha and, predictably, want to control Alpha. What does the Christ say to them at every Liturgy? “Eat me!”

  2. I write it once again: To follow the example of Jesus is the best way to become a lifelong celibate.

  3. @ Mindstorm: and homeless bum.

  4. The Black Knight6 January 2015 at 07:41

    Jesus wasn't a celibate. He banged some prostitute chick.