Saturday 3 January 2015

The Golden Age For Men

This is truly the golden age for us men. The future is going to become better, too.

Too many of us men are caught up longing for the old ways. The (loyal) wife. The children. The home. The dog. The whatever.

In the old days you worked hard at a boringly shitty job that ground your soul into powder. You brought your paycheck home for wifey to spend on her and the kids as she nagged you to the point where you'd rather fuck a knothole in the wall. Then she divorced you, took the house, turned the children against you, and put you into even worse slavery providing for her while she fucked around - and if you didn't submit you ended up in jail.

The old ways are dead and gone. If I had a time machine I would not go back to then (other than to slap myself upside the head and make sure that I didn't get married - then back into the present, or even the future, for me).

The reason things are dead is this: technology. This has freed her time up. This has freed your time up. What used to take many hours of heavy effort (cleaning, washing) now takes minutes - then you go read a book while a machine does it for you. Washing machine. Dishwasher. About the most time-intensive job around the inside of the house these days is vacuuming. Get someone else to mow the lawns, if any.

So in the old-old days, wifey did this because she had no choice. She was dependent upon her man to keep her and the kiddies alive. Divorce never happened because she was utterly dependent.

In the new days, wifey can work for about half the time that you do - still raise the kiddies - do the (small number) of household chores - and then has time and energy to bitch about how hard her day, her life, really is. If something goes wrong she can simply hold out her hand to the government.

You are entirely superfluous to this. So long as you don't get on the hook for her and her kiddies, you're just a walking vibrator that may or may not dispense genetic material for her next set of kiddies.

This frees you up tremendously. You no longer require a woman around to cook (which is so easy that children can become chefs), clean (which is easy enough for children to do), and nag you to death (improved quality of life). More: if you want sex, you can study certain behaviors and set yourself up with a plethora of women willing to part their legs for you. Or simply pay them directly.

Sex is now the easiest commodity to acquire on the planet. Just go to a third-world country and be a rich western man - you'll pull tail easy. They're loyal too, so long as they remain utterly dependent upon you.

If you don't want to bother with the potential for retroactive rape claims in 10 years time (look at Rolf Harris and now Prince Andrew) then use your hand, a fleshlight, or wait for the sexbots to come out. So those women are sneering at you. Honestly, the five women that I fucked last year ended up being completely not worth the effort. The chances are high that these sneering women are not worth the effort either.

So don't bother to care about the bullshit from these retarded sex-objects.

It is your age, the Age of the Free Man™. You have the time and energy to do what you want. You have no need to provide for these bad-tempered child-like parasites. They are quite capable of providing for themselves. Instead you can enjoy yourself, learn things, do as you please, travel, build, engage your inner child by doing whatever you choose.

You are free.

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