Wednesday 21 January 2015

Herd to the Bone

It is now final - in my opinion, the Millenials are the most worthless scum on the earth. What triggered this realization for me? Return of Kings running this article: No Pants Day Shows The Problems With Millennials

I read the article, looked on the web - because I thought that it really must be a joke article - and yep, it's a real thing.


Thinking about this, my conclusion is: these people are absolutely brainless narcissistic attention whores. Which sums up the entire millennial generation.

Their level of narcissism is off the charts. Their level of introspection (aka common-sense) is nil, in fact it is downright negative. Sucking anything that might have the slightest hint of class down into a bottomless (pun intentional) morass of complete crass.

You know exactly what I mean.

This is the mentality behind drunks (of both sexes) who take a piss or crap on the sidewalk. Or pass out in a pool of their own vomit. Who get stinking drunk every day of the week. Or have a gangbang. Or have threesomes, even group sex. Or sex and then cry rape. Rape from years ago, found within "repressed" memories.

Who are the absolute bottom-feeders of the world.

In a twisted way, it's funny. I've recently been asking myself: "Surely, I am not the only person who attempts to look deeper at things, who attempts to think through things." Do I have some semblance of Wisdom? Nah, that's too damn pretentious. I know I'm halfway bright, but that fucking bright? No.

Then I see things like the above. The bottom-feeders of Planet Zero.

It makes me think: I actually might be that fucking bright. Certainly in comparison to the herd. For fucks sake, can they not see how fucking pathetic they are?

No. They cannot see that.

The old joke: What has 12 legs and no brain? A committee. The herd has less than no brain. The millennial generation is the perfect exemplification of Herd to the bone.


  1. The Black Knight22 January 2015 at 07:00

    Yeah. Millenials are scums. And the hipsters amongst them are the scummiest of all!

  2. My generation are a bunch of dipshits. Lucky I don't socialize much outside of school, and the only people I do socialize with aren't dumbasses like most people.

  3. It actually feels mentally painful to associate with most people. Double that pain for women - their entitled attitude grates.

    The only self-defense is to avoid them or to erect an inner mental defense of amusement at their antics and fucked-up thinking. Perhaps give them a little prod, for personal entertainment value.