Wednesday 21 January 2015

Existential Questions

To be clear: I'm not exploring the so-called big questions. Pretentious shit like The Meaning Of Life, What's It All About, Do We Have A Soul, blah blah blah. I'm talking about the smaller daily existential questions.

1/ What should I eat?

2/ Should I work out tonight?

3/ Should I buy that?

Some thoughts and answers:

1/ Healthy.

2/ Yes. Even if I don't feel like it right now, or even then. The rewards in personal health and feeling good are very much worth it.

3/ Why am I buying it?

You'll note that #3 is the trickiest answer of the lot. Because the answer is first of all another question - one which makes you examine the motivations behind the desire to buy an item. It breaks down into a further question:

  • What is my motivation for buying this?
  • Will this substantially improve my life?

Which very well might bring up a few more questions. Example:

  • What is my motivation for buying this?
  • It will make me more attractive to women.
Which then leads to yet another question:
  • Is it really worth going through that much effort of being more attractive to the modern skank hoes who make you jump through hoops for shits and giggles - and only *maybe* get a fuck?
  • Fuck no!
We Men have only so much energy in our lives. When we're young, our hormones tend to force us into chasing tail. Because we don't question this then we don't realize how much of our energy is being wasted on the silly games of the subnormal.

Even at an older age, the hormonal urge for men is very strong. As is the inertia of decades of indoctrination.

In the end - the answer is usually "fuck no, not worth it". Which allows you to then put that time, effort, and money into something more worthwhile that will substantially improve your life.

You will notice that my answer to #2 does not include "it makes me more attractive to women". While that is a side-benefit, it is not relevant. Personal health and actually feeling good are far better and more substantial reasons. Especially given the short attention- and usefulness-span of the modern skank.

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