Saturday 31 January 2015

Beta Fucks in the Collapse

Recently ran across this video by Sandman, in respect to the coming collapse:
The most interesting thing that I took away was the way that women upped their game in Belgrade. Plenty of places were thriving: women's stuff. Nail salons, hair salons, clothing shops, that sort of thing.

The women were spending more time trying to attract male attention. Roads, buildings, sewers gone to pot - cities broke - plenty of beautiful women were flaunting their bodies. Competing amongst themselves to find a man to provide for them.
My cousin used to joke with me and said that in Eastern Europe all you need is a car, as most guys can't afford one. All you needed to do was park your car in a city on a major street and leave the passenger door unlocked, and women will just open the door - sit right next to you - and start a conversation.
When the economic situation goes bad, if you can hold on to some of your wealth, you will have your pick of women. If that's really what you want from life.
This brings to mind an amusing means for a vengeful man to milk women who have hit the wall. The common trope in the Manosphere is Alpha Fucks / Beta Bucks. Once the woman goes post-wall though - if she works her ass off keeping herself in as good a shape as possible - the Beta Bucks can become Beta Fucks, as he remorselessly gets free meals and sex before he dumps the crazy bitch.

Assuming that he can handle sloppy three-digits sex from these used-up slores.

Any rate, Sandman's video talks about collapse. I've seen signs of this in New Zealand as well, and not just in the farther countryside. There are parts of the town where I live that are starting to really look like shit, houses you could simply hit with a bulldozer and turn the area into a parking-lot or - better - a garden or park.
It starts at the outside and moves in. The younger set move into the heart of the cities and towns, revitalizing them, because they (the younger set) can't afford cars on the shit wages that are available. Therefore they must walk.
No shit they must walk. I've seen girls walking home from a night on the town - at 3am - on their way from the heart of town, 10km towards the periphery area that I live in. They spent their dosh on booze and ciggies, having a good time as they shake their ass in front of men - then they have to do the long walk of annoyance. I enjoy driving past.

Remember that these are the dolled-up crazy cunts sitting at a bus-stop, heading to work in the morning, who think that they are way better than you. While you can afford a car.

The schadenfreude is delicious. Time to wash it down with a sip of Grand Marnier.

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