Thursday 17 April 2014

More Drama

I am becoming less enchanted with the Manosphere as a whole as more and more drama is generated within it.

Whether it is the BS going on about DannyFrom504, Matt Forney's troubles with SunShineMary, or the crap going on with Tucker Max ripping off Danger & Play's articles for money. I'm seeing more and more fucking drama going on.

I came to Thailand for a fucking holiday break, to clear my head. Back home in New Zealand there's goddamn cyclones going down, and the one hour that I poke my head into the Manosphere to check it's pulse: hellooooo?


In fact, who let these cunts in the door?

I'll admit to having been fooled by DannyFrom504.

I rather liked In Mala Fide. Pity because it seems that something weird has happened and Matt Forney is imploding.

Danger & Play - I have full understanding for him being pissed off. I'll speak up and say it now: I wish that the other Manosphere guys had supported you better. I know why they didn't of course: to them Tucker Max is an Oracle, one of the people in The Game, the Holy Bible of the Player. Pity that that is all fucked up anyway (as per my previous PUA Is Broken post).

It is pathetically wishful thinking that this small blog would have any effect on this situation. Yet still:

Fuck me, what's wrong with some people. Danger & Play is right: they're too busy squabbling around. What the fuck are they doing with themselves? Don't they have something better to occupy their minds with, like working on their bodies and lives?

Obviously fucking not. If they had something meaningful they wouldn't have the time to be playing drama-queen games of he-said-she-said snipe-snipe-snipe. They'd actually be improving themselves and getting their next million or road-trip or whatever together.

Too many mangina's with a voice in the fucking Manosphere. You can tell by all the fucking sniping and screeching and bullshit.

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  1. Regarding this Matt Forney/Sunshine Mary thing: I am torn. The whole thing seems to be degenerating into a bunch of sniping he-said-she-said drama worthy of a bunch of mangina's. Standing up and looking at the overall drama and horseshit going on, I'm starting to think of this as the manginasphere.

    On the other hand, long ago she knowingly walked into a manspace where guys tell it like we see it. She's not a bloody virgin to us lot and how we act. By now I would have expected her to have grown a thick skin and put her big girl panties on, instead of having a tantie and throwing her toys out of the fucking sandbox because someone hurt her feeeeeelings.

    To SSM: Grow up woman, I'm not giving you the pussy pass to excuse childish behaviour. Nor am I impressed with your attempt to control the narrative by exercising your "feminine privilege" to cry until someone pats you on the head and gives you a sweetie to shut you up. You're in a manspace, we'll give you a belt around the arse - like we do to each other, to toughen each other up.

    Suck it up and deal with it, or get out permanently. Just remember: the more you wail and cry and try to invoke your woman's privilege, the more you're pissing us off and the more you'll get the belt around the arse.