Tuesday 22 April 2014

Woman's Bad Behaviour - Thailand Edition

Thought that I'd quickly put this up as an illustration that Thai girls are just as repulsed by Beta behavior as Western girls are. And can be just as badly behaved as Western girls too.

Been in a van driving around half the day, a friend of a friend has been having a snit-fit with his Thai girlfriend most of the day in the seat beside me. He's from Liverpool, all through his accent. Flashforward to evening and we're in an Irish pub in Udon Thani (not sure if that's the right spelling - and all this way for an Irish fucking pub right, hahaha).

Conversation flows in a mix of Thai and English, then girlfriend mentions that her phone is broken. Turns out that he'd been about to have a shower and she threw her phone at his back in a fit of temper - it hit the floor (tile) and bust the screen. About 7,000 baht to fix the broken screen, or 30,000 baht to replace the whole phone and she's demanding that he pay for it, and she wants a Galaxy S5 instread of her current S4.

Nasty temper: check. Physical violence with her boyfriend: check. Acting out: check. Trying to get the pussy-pass from a bunch of Western men: check. Entitled attitude: check. Doesn't take personal responsibility for her actions: check.

Pussy Beta boyfriend agrees to pay: check check check.

You could see and hear the anger and discontent from her, even when she was speaking in Thai. Almost laughable - I told him that he takes way too much shit from his girl, he shrugged it off. Beta to the bone.

You broke it, you fucking fix it, bitch.

At any rate - getting a Thai (or other foreign) girlfriend doesn't leave you on the road to easy street. There is divorce here too, and it is used. No matter where you are in this world you still need to be a man. Otherwise she will still be discontented.

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