Wednesday 2 April 2014

Where's The Benefit

People are simple and predictable in certain ways. This is the basis of all selling: to find what someone wants and to sell it to them. Advertising and marketing have the effect of making a vague want more focused, so that the person decides that they want it now. These days much of it involves the pushing of status and status symbols - this is why women are 90% of conspicuous consumption.

Usually when they can't really afford it, though that's not the concern of the modern sellers and marketeers. They've got their pound of flesh.

So, when you sell someone on the benefits they'll try to get it - or try to get more of it. Thus politicians try to buy votes with their policies, whether they believe in them or not. George H W Bush is a prime example: "Read my lips. No new taxes." Whether he had to change his tune due to new information upon becoming president, or he was lying from the get-go, is unknown and irrelevant.

Lies are the marketing hallmark of the politician (as opposed to the statesman, a totally different political beast).

So now we've dipped our fingers into the greasy cesspit that is politics: many of these people are elected by women (Obama). Reason: "He's so cuuuuute!" Voting with the pussy, how strong and independent and intelligent. Now strip that facade away and look at it another level down.

Obama did a whole bunch of stuff that benefits women. Obamacare - where practically every advertisement involves women. Don't try lying to me girl - he bribed women good, plus he followed through on that promise. Women love love love him for it. He got them by their short-term greed rather than through the long-term reality of what's best for them.

He doesn't care if the system collapses. He's got his pound of flesh.

Politicians are coldly and calculatedly taking advantage of human nature. Compounding it, too. If women want more things that benefit them, then we'll give them more. Round and round in an ever-expanding circle of greed and ballooning entitlement. What the hell, we got our pound of flesh - not coming out of our hide.

What do men get out of this? Nothing. Less than nothing. Their taxes are higher than they should be to help support that brave, strong, battling single mommy down the road. That leaves them with less than they should have to support their family. Which pisses off the wifey, who eventually frivorces to go do her Eat-Pray-Love attempt. Making more broken homes, less income to tax, and more social problems to pay for.

A vicious cycle of pain which rapidly diminishes the governmental income. Thus: the deficit, with a shrinking population of workers to pay for the largesse of government towards women. To hell with paying the interest, never mind paying the principal.

Picture evident.

Of course, men are waking up to this shit-sandwich and looking for the benefit for them - without finding it. They can't marry because they can't make enough to compete with a woman's income plus government handouts. So they stop trying. It's easier to enjoy the decline, easier to be a PUA and pump'n'dump, easier to eschew women entirely and go your own way.

All three are MGTOW, in their individual ways. Going your own way, doing your own things, not really catering to the insanity that is society and women.

So there it is, ask where the benefit is. For women it's bread and circuses. For men there is no benefit - only penalties - so they walk away. Then the women start screaming and whining about where the men are. So much so that some socialist governments are thinking of a Batchelor tax - which is an exercise in futility. Men will just pay it, or go expat, or ignore it.

What's the government gonna do, spend 50k a year chucking these guys into jail? How completely intelligent of them. How much faster they'll run outta money.

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