Friday 4 April 2014

Journalism Sucks

Journalism sucks monkey balls. Here's why I state this as a fact:

Journalism was hijacked long ago. This is why much "mainstream" news is nothing more than talking heads expressing their opinions: this is done to manipulate the public opinion on various topics, and other topics that are actually more critical are ignored or barely touched upon in an effort to minimise it.

This is no longer the era of hard-hitting journalism, rather it is the era of propaganda and "bad news sells".

So there we go. Anyone who is a self-professed journalist is not really: they're nothing more than a disseminator of Party-directed propaganda. The days of Walter Cronkite and co are sadly long-gone. Everything that you see on TV (aka the Idiot Box) has one purpose: to make you think the way they think, to mould your opinions to match theirs, and to explain in their slanted way why.

To turn you into a willing cog of the Political Correctness machine.

This is why you should unplug, clear your head, and take everything you hear about with a kilogram of salt. Yes, treat it as unreliable - even state out loud that you trust it as far as you can spit a mouthful of fishooks.

Because that's the truth. Most of the media is not based in reality (beyond the most miniscule grain of sand that is required for any lie to be told). It cannot be trusted in the slightest.

This is where the Manosphere comes into its own. We deal with reality. We deal with the Truth.

Like anything else media-related, we can't always be trusted. We have our biased mindset - our own viewpoints - our own agenda - some of us are outright liars and fruit-loops. While *we* think that we are here to reveal Truth and Reality to you, you still need sift through it and evaluate it critically. You need to be certain that you are not blindly falling into the trap of becoming anti-PC by reflexive reaction.

Once you begin to discern the truth for yourself, you begin to become free in your mind.

Welcome to the Real World.

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