Friday 18 April 2014

The Truth Will Piss You Off

Think about it.

You first came here, into this twisted and fucked up corner of the internet, because something just didn't jibe in your life. Something went ratshit wrong to the point where you absolutely had to find some sort of fucking answer to what the fuck is going on.

You coulda got cheated on, dumped, treated like shit, divorced, whatever - all for no apparant reason.

You're confused as fuck, you're reading all this shit about how men and women actually interact versus how you were told how they should interact - and now you're pissed off about it.

Really pissed off.

At us, yourself, the girls, the guys, the lies you were told, the world, every cunt in it, the whole fucking shebang.

Go ahead. Be pissed off. You got a right. In fact, the more pissed off you are, the better. The faster you get through all that crap, digest it, shit it out, the better. The faster you'll heal.

The faster you can then get on track and do something better with your life than having to deal with this shit. Get over the sickness, get on with your next stage in life, go have some fun.

Life is too enjoyable to hang around the gloomy shitbags and pissheads crying into their beer in self-misery as they whine about what happened to them. It's as annoying as fuck listening to someone whose constantly miserable. Hell, life is too enjoyable to be too miserable about it all. You've got one fucking shot at it, enjoy it without destroying yourself in the process. Be content and happy too, as best you can - or work towards that.

Yeah, you might not be able to manage that at this stage of your life, for whatever reason: alimony, crushing debt, child payments, child responsibility, that sort of thing. Keep hunting around out here. There are sites who offer advice upon dealing with them.

In all cases (including and especially this blog!) read it thoroughly and think about it thoroughly. Things probably won't fit your circumstances exactly. You're curious and inventive or you wouldn't be here. Tweak things and make them fit: that's what we men have done for tens of thousands of years. It's how we went from toolless scavengers and gatherers to flint tools to the plough, irrigation, building, the wheel, carts, automobiles, and up to atom bombs.

Please continue to get pissed off - it's how you know that you've found a fundamental truth. Nothing else hurts so fucking much that getting angry with it is a temporary coping response.

Good luck with your hunting and repairing your life.

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