Sunday 3 August 2014

Three Virtues

A long time ago I wrote that women have three virtues: dignity, looks, and virginity. Virginity goes to the first bad-boy who entices her to spread her legs. Looks go with time and bodily abuse (heavy smoking and drinking). Dignity develops with time: a teenager doesn't have much, by the time she reaches her mid-twenties she should have developed that inner grace and depth and happiness which is the hallmark of a great woman.

A couple nights ago I ran across a worthless woman who doesn't realise that she's turning into toast. Age: 26. Virginity: long gone. Looks: starting to go (especially as she lets herself get chubby). Dignity: never developed.

So, the situation: a group of friends got together for an evening, some talk and food and dance. She casually mentions that a guy (we'll call him E) was going to be late. "He's always late." A little passive-aggressive dig about someone that she actually fancies quite a lot.

All of a sudden she ups and leaves, because she's "had enough".

I look at the others: "E isn't coming."

So, because the guy she fancies suddenly isn't coming, she has a snit and leaves. Never mind the other half-dozen "friends" there.

That right there - that shallow selfishness - is the hallmark of modern girls who just don't get it. To the point of utterly lacking any dignity and grace. Which they will never develop.

This PSA brought to you by BlackPoisonSoul. You are welcome.

Note: Men also have three virtues - consistency, sexiness, and utility. Women don't appreciate consistency (being inconsistent is a part of the "feminine mystique"), they love-love-love sexiness, and they tolerate utility only so far as it benefits them (which is why they have Beta orbiter-slaves). Only men appreciate consistency and utility properly, because those are the virtues which create civilisation.

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