Monday 11 August 2014

Catering to Childishness

Women want A.R.D.A.

Activities (as a couple)

Yeah I got this from R.E.D. 2 - a freaking movie. It's a "red pill" movie, in that there's plenty of blowing shit up - which us men like - yet there's a shitload of feminist BS in the mindset of the movie too. Oddly enough, that BS does reveal very plainly what women want: adventure, romance, danger, and activities as a couple.

From that respect it is quite red pill in the way it shows what women want. So perhaps it is actually useful. It shows some of the cracks in the social matrix that women have created with their socialist safety-net. It's also why a lot of women go for adventurous stuff when they do their version of the Eat, Pray, Fuck fairy-story.

Adventure - adrenalin-junkie shit that extroverts love-love-love.

Romance - the PUAs push those buttons nicely. Well-done guys.

Danger - so long as it's not too painful and too dangerous, then yeah, sure. This is why they do stuff like fucking crims (or guys with tats) and sticking with guys who beat the motherfucking crap out of them. And why so many of them do stupid shit like go to dangerous places in the world and end up killed or robbed or raped.

Activities - this's some of what the adventure stuff is about innit. Whitewater rafting, blackwater rafting, rappelling, camping, fishing, etc. You see a lot of that touted in online profiles, she loves doing these things. Of course part of that is an intrusion into male spaces as well.

So there's the A.R.D.A. - now look at it from another angle.

This is all stuff for children, not adults who are attempting to keep civilisation running. People trying to keep their family going, building something solid for the next generation. The dull, solid, dumbass "Beta" guys who she settles for at the end of things, once her real beauty is gone and nobody wants to bother providing her with the wild sex and wild adrenalin-junkie shit that she still actually craves.

Like a child craves and cries for its fuckin' sweeties.

Yeah, go ahead. Cater to those fuckin' children. Kiss her ass and waste your cash chasing that pussy, giving her all the adventure/romance/danger/activities that she wants. Until she financially rapes you via frivorce and moves on to the next sucker who will provide more of it or different of it.

According to The Feminine Matrix, it's really worth it. Slave.

This is part of why I'm not that enthused with the PUA mindset: it's catering to spoiled children, so you can dump a fuck into the emotionally and mentally immature.

At any rate, these days I hate it when a woman starts complaining and whining. It sets my teeth on edge and makes me want to say: "Shut the fuck up. Stop whining like a spoiled fucking brat and start acting like a responsible adult. One who's a worthwhile example to your children."


  1. Cyndi Lauper let the cat out of the bag years ago inn the early 80s - girls just want to have fun. Good feels.