Saturday 16 August 2014

Style Above Substance

Style above substance, which is all what women are about. You just have to look at them to realise that they are the living embodiment of this mindset.

Makeup caked on. Lipstick slathered on. Perfume sloshed on. Clothing that shapes and contours and flatters. High heels that lift, push out the ass and breasts, emphasising the sexual characteristics. Loud proclamations of her achievements, demonstrating her value. An attitude of "I'm too good for you," demonstrating her value.

Everything to display her value to everyone with a glance. All looks and style, flash and swagger. Or as some Americans might put it: "All hat, no cattle."

You hear it from men: "She might be crazy, but man, she's got style!" So, we men are also attracted to the style and looks - though in our defense, that style is designed to mimic the characteristics of women in their sexual prime. That's what men are biologically wired to find attractive.

This is why women fall for the swagger and style of the PUA. They find it attractive, never mind that there's nothing much behind it. I find it wryly amusing that Neil Strauss was nicknamed Style in The Game. Was that a bit of tongue-in-cheek irony by Mystery?

No wonder women have a starter marriage. No wonder they follow the eat-pray-fuck mindset.

It's all about Style.

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