Thursday 28 August 2014

Substance Above Style

From the post about Style Above Substance, I bring you: Substance Above Style.

So, in the prior post I stated how everything to a woman - everything! - is about style, appearances, flash, glitz, and glamor.

This is what you would expect, in a time of excess. When we have excess labor, excess riches, all designed to give us excess *time* - women then feel free to pursue the shallow. Both in themselves and in others. They have no need to develop that substance, and it is waaaay easier to develop the style.

I find it wryly amusing that these women have become selfish little pigs. Because of this I look forward to the coming decline and fall of the Western empire. Not that I expect to survive it. Hell no!

Because I know damn well that these pampered little pigs will suddenly find themselves in the shit. They will start squealing, as they have always done, in an effort to get men to pull them out of their shithole that they've dug themselves into.

I take a great deal of pleasure in the thought that only really worthless men will attempt it. The really worthwhile men will look at these pigs, say "you can't put lipstick on a pig", and then stick only with the ones who don't need to be pulled out of the mire. The ones who actually have substance to them.

But then, we're already getting this. You can hear it in the squealing refrains of:

* why can't I find a maaaan
* where are all the good guys

Just wait. It will get louder, and worse. When you women look up out of the hole you've dug, you'll see the real Men gathered around the top. The ones with real substance.

Smirking down at you. Having a sip of some Grand Marnier. Pulling one or two of you out of the hole - for a while. Having some fun with you. Then pushing you back in.

After all, you love being in the harem pigpen.

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