Thursday 28 August 2014

Shivving A Woman

It's great to wander over to the Chateau just to look at the mental acrobatics that women who comment there can come out with in their attempts to shame men into submission. It's hilarious to watch and honestly very good practise to stick the knife into her, pointing out her illogical bullshit.

Case in point: a stupid cunt name of Amy.

Yes women, keep trying to twist stuff around to your point of view and blame the man. No, you cannot have it both ways. Why? Because I'm'a stick the knife in your cunty twisting lying low-life back, 'cause I get fun outta sticking it to you.

Mmm mmm mmmmmm! This sure is good soap!


  1. A good girl who has sex with a guy after a couple of dates is like a vegetarian in a steak restaurant. Eating steak.

    Yoshi asked Sento: "Master, how is it that the sixty sixth Buddha meditated for one hundred days and still did not reach the eighth level of meditation?"
    Sento replied: "He was not a Buddha."

  2. Succinct. And yes - there are no good girls. Just girls with varying boundaries of what they consider the plausible deniability mark.

    The boundary varies also depending on the guy. I've known girls who've made guys chase them for months and I've fucked the girl on the same night of meeting. There are girls who've tried to make me chase them for months, when they're fucking other guys the moment they meet.

    It just depends on how attractive he is to her.