Saturday 3 May 2014

A Brutal Truth

Over on A Voice For Men, JudgyBitch puts a steel-capped boot into the guts of Isabel, a selfish slut who is ready to hop from the cock carousel into the arms of a nice-guy Beta.

One of the commenters drops a few words of brutal honesty into the discussion:
Dear Isabel
I spent twenty years trying to be nice to women like you, and in return I received nothing but contempt. What makes you think I would be inclined to welcome you into my life now?
While you were sleeping, I changed too - I haven't remained "nice", every ready to "be there" for you, just waiting to drop everything to be by your side and take care of you. Your contempt and your sadism changed me. I am now what you would think of as "nasty". Not one of the bad boys who used to excite you, but one of the increasing number of men who has come to see you as their enemy.
An equal relationship with a woman like you is simply not possible. What you have to "offer" me is this:
1. The chance to have children entirely on your terms, when you see fit
2. The prospect of losing those children on your vindictive whim
3. A total loss of control over my own money
4. Arbitrary confrontations and accusations
5. A partner who believes I exist to serve her, and who refuses even to acknowledge the concept that I have feelings of my own beyond those she has decided for me
6. The loss of whichever of my hobbies and friends you dislike
7. A partner who can physically and mentally abuse and manipulate me, then dismiss any protest I make about it
You expect me to be instantly "ready" for you now, simply because you are ready for me? For me that shows that you expect our relationship to take place very much on your terms and not at all on mine.
Whilst you were changing so was I. I have become very happy without a woman in my life. And I have realised that you have nothing to offer me but pain. It is too late for you.
Mr Nice Guy
Isn't that brilliant? I think that he shouldn't have signed it as "Mr Nice Guy" though - he should have signed it as "No More Mr Nice Guy". That would be more real these days.

And here's my contribution (it's a bit late now to comment over there):

Isabel, you are a sex toy. You have spent your time from eleven onwards being used as a sex toy. It is what you are: nothing more. No man with half a clue would use you as anything more, and most certainly would not go all the way and marry you.

Thus, the retard that you eventually marry - if you are that lucky - will constantly piss you off. This is because he will treat you like a queen, where in reality you are not: and you know deep inside that you are not. This inner knowledge that you are not a queen, that you are actually a sex toy, will drive you to distraction - because you will not be treated like a sex toy by him.

And this is what you really want. You don't want to be treated well. Deep down you want to be treated like the depraved whore that you really are. You want to be used as the local town bike by every hot and sexy man in the world. The more the better. In groups. Taken, over and over, then dumped - because that's what you delight in.

I pity your poor cats (or purse-dog substitute).

Yes JB, you get it. These types of women are why we MGTOW pass.

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