Monday 5 May 2014

So You Want A Foreign Bride

So, you've heard that foreign girls are more feminine, more submissive, etc etc than your local (Western) trash. You've decided that you are gonna join a mail-order bride website, find one, go over there to find out what she's like, marry her, and bring her back to your home country. Pump out a few children and Bob's your Uncle.

Seriously, why?

This woman does not understand your culture, is going to be uprooted from her culture, is going to be lonely, all that good stuff. She'll get miserable, you'll get pissy, where's the joy in all that. (I know from experience: I dealt with that from a foreign bride - a Western one, whose values and upbringing were very similar to mine. It didn't prevent "homesickness".)

In addition, the types of women who go looking for a foreign husband are often the entitled types: she's the more-pleasant foreign equivalent of the local sluts that you either avoid because you can't stand them, or who won't give you the time of day nohow noway. Plus, she's looking for an out from her hell-hole.

Finally, foreign women divorce. No shit. They're not stupid - a couple years of marriage to you, get permanent residency, then *blammo* frivorce with cash and prizes. They ain't stupid, they can read the internet and watch Western movies like Eat, Pray, Fuck. If you're man enough that she's deliriously happy to stay with you forever, then you can probably get the same with a Western woman.

You might as well just pay her to be a surrogate mother for your child, bring the child back to your home country, and get your rocks off with porn and/or prostitutes. Raise the child right. Never have any contact with that woman ever again (just in case the "law" suddenly decides that she's entitled to garnish your wages plus give her back "her" child).

Yes it might actually get that bad.

Am I saying not to bother? Hell no! I'm saying that it's not necessarily the panacea to all your problems.

There is something else you can do: you can become successful first.

Once you're successful (or retired) then it's quite in the cards to expat somewhere else. When you've got a couple of thousand a month of passive income coming in from whatever source, most second- and third-world countries are exceptionally pleasant places to live. You can be very well-off, as well as taking your time to get to know the local girls and vise-versa.

If your assets are protected solidly in trusts, then someone attempting a frivorce is going to get a very rude shock. Owning no assets = nothing to steal. If it's owned overseas then the local courts should have zero jurisdiction: check with a good lawyer to be certain of this. So long as you don't get cocky and arrogant and piss somebody off you should generally be okay.

This process has some advantages: she's not losing her support network and family and culture, she's still living vastly better than she would have been able to, and you are more likely to be able to adjust to her culture and language than she would be to yours (plus she won't be totally poisoned by Western culture). Let's face it, men are generally stronger and more flexible in these manners than women are.

I can hear you thinking: "But BPS! You're finding only a golddigger!" What of it? All women are golddiggers to a certain extent. They don't really want to work. You should have realised that many years ago - now go back and read my older posts. Thoroughly. The only difference between women is the degree to which they are willing to make you happy: the better looking and less-besotted by you, the less effort they think that they need to put into you and the marriage.

In certain ways they're quite correct. The really drop-dead beautiful types literally don't have to do a thing, because they can marry or become mistresses to the ultra-rich types. Their life is one of ease (and possibly boredom, though I can't vouch for that).

Yes, it's poisonous. Yes, it's reality. Grow up. Deal with it.

Extra: I suggest that you watch this video and think carefully about what it shows you. Watch it at least three times. There are three parts in particular that I found very interesting.

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