Wednesday 1 January 2014

Protect Yourself

A sudden call at 10am on New Years Day.

"Mate, can you track an IP address to an iPhone?"

Imagine my raised eyebrows. Why this? Turns out that someone had tried to access his bank account from an iPhone. So some talking and thinking and working out: yes, with effort.

The more normal process requires:

• a court order
• the cops authorization
• help from the telco involved

Or if you happen to know a private dick, or someone on the inside, or some criminals: you can find out thataways. Of course, if you want to stop it officially then the only way to go about it is officially.

Or if you're lucky: you can figure out that you hadn't actually removed your psycho ex-girlfriend from your banking details and she logged in to check on your bank account, see what you were doing.

Mystery solved, nothing happened beyond some racing heartbeats for a bit, psycho ex-girlfriend is now removed from your bank-account.

"Mate, can you tell if there's something oddball on your phone?"

Why this? Turns out its a brand-new phone, bought just before Christmas, with the SIM card from the old phone swapped over. The battery lasts about 9 hours on standby.

Check the model, it's supposed to last 400+ hours on standby and 7 hours of solid talking. Sounds pretty likely, you best go back to where you got the phone from and ask them to check it. Or get a new SIM.

Happy New Year. Protect yourself, there is a lot of entitled crazy out there.

You poor bastard.

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