Thursday 23 January 2014

Dress to Impress

The old saw, dress to impress. Dress to impress your employer/partners, your clients, your workmates, and your woman (or women, if you're single).

But wait. Most women are not worth impressing. (Whether you're single or not.)

As per PUA is Broken, most women are garbage. Damaged goods, mentally defective, insane. When you're at war with your own instincts, your mental processes go off the rails and hairing into nowhere at a great rate of knots.

For a prime example of insanity, look at feminism. These women are so at war with their own natural instincts that it leads them to some incredibly insane statements. Women really don't need men? I hope that you enjoy drilling for oil, transporting, refining, transporting gasoline, distributing, etc - else you won't be driving down to the mall for a triple-soy-latte-with-a-shot-of-cream with your girlfriends, will you. That's one tiny example of the luxury we are all swaddled in and take for granted.

Fuck off you insane cunts. End of message for feminism and anyone who follows that mindset, in even the smallest degree.

So, we have only a real need to dress for your employer/partners, clients, workmates, and wife (if any). Is there an excuse not to dress up if your work effectively requires it?


So, do it. Do a Formal Friday. (A great excuse to really piss off the slovenly women in your workplace.) Turn up at the bar in a suit occasionally. Unless you're working in heavy industry or greasy labor there is no excuse to turn up to places looking like something the cat brought in, then brought up.

That's for the men, now for the girls.

Us men are visual creatures. You know this, you (say) that it pisses you off to have to look good all the time. (Stop being lazy and slovenly. Anyway, we know that you dress well as a part of your cold-war against other women.)

Just remember: how you dress and act is how we'll react to you. Dress and act like a quality girl, we'll treat you like a quality girl (in private you can be my filthy little whore, with great pleasure). Dress and act like a slut, we'll treat you like a slut (with all that implies). Dress like quality and act like a slut - we might thrash around confused for a bit, yet we'll eventually work it out and treat you like the slut you are.

However you dress and act though, remember that we have memories. Once you go the slut route you are marked for life.

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