Sunday 20 October 2013

Overt Poison in Dating and Relationships

Free Northerner has an excellent piece up about modern dating and marriage expectations, culled from an advice column replying to a man's question about trying to get back with a girlfriend who doesn't want him. Some of the comments are gold.

As Free Northerner says:
If you are decent guy, most everybody expects you to get shit on romantically and just take the lumps for a decade, then get the used-up, washed-out, emotionally-wrecked left-overs of the assholes’ pillaging. 
Wendy just dismisses this, like it’s just the way it is. There’s no condemnation of the attitude, no real thought as to how thoroughly poisonous this is.
Oh yes, this is very poisonous. Thank you for pointing that out - though the cunts-brigade will never admit it. They can't, they're too brainwashed.

I salute you for your call to action for the girls, though it's too bad so sad way-too-late for these sluts. I myself would not even consider "committing" to any girl over 21 years of age. Too many cocks up that cunt, and she's had too long to have any chance of breaking that entitled mindset. Remember: do not man-up and marry these sluts!

In my view 18 is the sweet spot for a woman who might be worth committing to. She's strong, healthy, and can pump out kids until the cows come home. Over 21 - fucking forget it, too fucked up by then.

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