Thursday 17 October 2013

Cute But Psycho

Too many girls are like this:

Why is this? Because we men allowed them to develop that way.

When some chick goes psycho on you, there are two things that any self-respecting man can do.

1/ Walk away from the nonsense. No excuses.

2/ If she becomes physically violent, you can do #1 up there or you can get physically violent back to her. This is the path of most domestic abusers.

Now, Vox points out the mechanics of this. Basically it boils down to:

• these guys instil absolute existential fear in her

• this "cures" her in such a way that she will never, ever again even think of pulling that shit

• serial domestic abusers are almost never charged - their partner is too frightened for her life

In a dark and somewhat compelling manner, I think that he is right. These women are ranting and raving and screeching about "male privilege". They may be the ones who actually end up feeling the pointedly-directed pain of that privilege.

This twisted and maimed poison brought to your attention with the hashtag: #curepsychowomen

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