Tuesday 14 May 2013

What Women Offer

So, what do women offer now?

• obnoxious, confrontational personality
• endless self-centred demands
• delusional mental problems
• an endless need for "drama" (and similar "excitement" that feeds their egos)
• false accusations
• debt
• sexually-transmitted diseases
• bastard children (and THEIR problems)
• their freight (because their "baggage" has accumulated and has now grown to "freight")

Very, very attractive proposition.

I was talking with a girl that I met recently (an INTJ) who was vaguely mumbling about looking for an ISTJ snuggle-bear. I asked how she'd go looking for her snuggle-bear.

"Oh, I'll run across one."

"What do you have to attract him? Bears need honey, what do snuggle-bears need?"

"I don't know, can't be bothered reading 300+ pages on them."

"You'll read 1000+ page technical books for university and your career, and 1000+ page novels for entertainment, yet you won't read 300+ pages to get to learn how snuggle-bears think and what attracts them? Shows how low snuggle-bear rates in comparison."

She got on her high-horse: "That hurt. Maybe not my feelings, but my thoughts."

Apparently this INTJ is still a fairly typical woman - she expects the magical awesomeness of her magically awesome self to magically attract and hold the ISTJ man of her dreams.


It did hurt her feelings too, despite her protestations to the contrary. The intellectual dishonesty is astounding.

There I thought that INTJs were intellectual and rational planners.

Ah, the taste of shattered illusions, my own this time. A woman is a woman, no matter what her MBTI type or Cognitive Functions. The delusional sense of entitlement is strong within this one.

I can smell the scent of future cats.

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