Sunday 5 May 2013

Rosé-Tinted Glasses

So many foolish men look at women through rosé-tinted glasses. When they do this, they do things like:

• forget a woman's past

• overlook a woman's nature

• misinterpret a woman's blatant lies

• mishear a woman's own words describing her bad actions

• ignore a woman's explicit description of her manipulations

• forgive a woman's truthful confessions of badness

• fall in love with women who have deliberately detonated their previous marriages

• marry unmarried women who have had children by one or more other men

All of these are dumb things to do. Yet we continue to do it - because we have been trained, all our lives, to do such things.

Our mothers taught us.

Our sisters taught us.

Our female friends taught us.

Our entertainments on television and in movies taught us.

All lies, covertly pushed down our throats, to satisfy the degeneration of women that is tearing down our civilisation. Our society. Everything that we and our fathers and grandfathers worked to build...torn down in an orgy of lustful debauchery by women freed of all restraints. Lies treacherously fed to us by our nearest and dearest, those who should have had our best interests at heart.

Because its easier for us to give in to her whining complaints and lies - than it is to laugh at her, shake our heads, slap her across the face, tell the useless and lazy cunt to fuck off and do something that'll make her worthwhile to have around. Most especially when you have other guys, desperate for a smell of pussy, encouraging her bullshit.

So modern-day Rome falls once more, destroyed by our own foolish actions and inactions.

Part of growing up is discarding the rosé-tinted glasses.

Part of growing up is seeing through crap-tinted glasses.

Part of growing up is realising that everything women do -

- everything -

- is done only to serve their interests.

PUAs? All the better to fulfil their lusts, with a veneer of plausible deniability.

Manning-up? All the better to provide them with a safety-net of ease in their old age.

Red-pill women? What best gives women as a group what they want, strong men in their lives to look after and provide for them.

MGTOW? There is nothing a woman hates more than a man who rejects every single woman in the world as being complete shit that is not worth his time and effort.

So we fall in love with women who are overtly manipulative, and forgive (and enable) their manipulations. Like the guy who has fallen for the girl who plays the victim-card with consummate mastery, helping her to collect that she can have an overseas holiday on other people's naive generosity.

So we fall in love with women who destroy a perfectly good marriage and their own family. Like the guy who has fallen for a 41-year-old Eat-Pray-Love girl who has the enormous hypocrisy to be a life-coach.

So we fall in love with women who are sexually skilled. Like the guy who has married a massive party-slut and who has taken him down the path of a swingers lifestyle.

Of the types, I prefer the honest woman who is a slut/swinger. It's out there, without the lies - though there are plenty of delusions in her head. Delusions as to her great worth. His head is just as fucked up.

I watch the world, the people, through crap-tinted glasses.

I see the lies that they use to keep themselves feeling good, as though they are actually of great worth.

I prefer the crap-tinted glasses. Because crap is crap, no matter what it's form and twisted shape, however it attempts to disguise and masquerade itself.

I see the black poison that they hide deeply inside their souls. Even though its often depressing, I prefer to see it all clearly.

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