Saturday 11 May 2013

Past It

An amusing little anecdote, was at work yesterday and walking past the receptionist (a woman in her 50's). She was talking on the phone with someone and I distinctly heard her say "I'm not past it."

Later I asked her about it, we got into a conversation that boiled down to the fact that she broke up with her current partner a week ago. She'd just been talking with her brother about it, and he'd told her that she was past it.

A nice little bit of brutal red-pill awakening from a family member. She should listen to him - because yes, she's past it. Her use-by date is long-gone. There's only so much that you can cover with makeup, and boy, it still fucking shows through.

Mutton trying to disguise itself as lamb, shit like that.

So many girls out there are past it. Long, long past it.

Sadly for them, they're still delusional about it. They still think that they have the pulling-power of a twenty-year-old.

Only for desperate men or men who just want a fast-fuck without any remorse for pump'n'dumping them.

They're gone. They might as well no longer exist. They are the Western equivalent of the Chinese "left-over women".

They had the chance to get married to a decent man while they were young. They passed that chance up. Instead they pursued a plausibly-deniable fuck'n'forget strategy. That, or nuked a perfectly good marriage for frivolous reasons. (A frivorce, I love that term - so beautifully descriptive of the action.)

Now they want the marriage (or at least a partner, perhaps again) and what can they find?

More fuck'n'forget. That's all that life has left for them, they threw their chances for everything else away.

So girls - are you past it?

Yes. Long, long past it.

Let me capture your bitter tears. A delicious aperitif before my main course of schadenfreude.

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