Sunday 6 March 2016

Importing The Dregs aka Why Racism Is Good

Eyes, balls, brains - all present and accounted-for. This is gonna offend a shitload of people, most especially all those infected with the leftist-feminist-marxist crapola thinking. Including those who believe in Democracy, in being fair, in committees...all that shit that teh herd uv wimminz live-and-breathe. Hold tight and lets see how far down this rabbit-hole of thinking goes.

I've already written about the exporting and importing of social mores in my Social Transport post. Also the transport of civilization and ideas in my Social Microclimate post.

So, with the importation of crappy refugees and their shitty mores and morals and ideas - coupled with a self-wanking self-abasement mentality of "I am more tolerant than you / no I am more tolerant than you / no I am more tolerant than you" by those who lurve, lurve, lurve being cuckolded - we have things like the Rotherham sex-slave ring that goes on for 20 years with a blind eye turned by the local Bobbies.

Now I'm going to turn around and say that you can't entirely blame the local Bobbies for letting this go on in their patch. The reason: the local lefties and wanktards and jackoffs would not have believed them. It does not fit their mental narrative, their mental map of reality, therefore it does not exist. Try to tell these whack-jobs any different and you'll find yourself fired and blacklisted for good.

Realistically I wonder how many of the local Bobbies did get fired, or "voluntarily retired", after not being believed. A self-perpetuating misery that they were stuck in, with no other way out. My gut feeling is that there were a few good men who got out because they couldn't stand the shit. Something that the media wouldn't report on, because that "doesn't fit the narrative".

Leaving only the crap who can delude themselves that it's okay, or who will actually take advantage of the shit-sandwich. The good Bobbies are gone, forced out, leaving only the shit-awful remains of Bobbies to not-protect their local slice of society. So much for that Social Microclimate, gone way down the clappers with a huge sucking and flushing sound.

So we have imported the dregs of another society, to fuck up our own lives. You can imagine the relief of their leaders: "At last, we have a dumping-ground for our trash and criminals. We'll call them refugees and those morons will beg us to take them in. It's genius!"

What's next, we in the West start bidding on these "refugees"? Buying slaves that are not slaves? Just to satisfy some sick'n'twisted publicly-seen do-gooder crap in our otherwise empty lives?

Now, those who emigrate on their own to get away from a shithole? On the whole they are gonna be good people. They've gotten it together enough to voluntarily move lock-stock-barrel away, have a money-and-life-building mentality, have chosen a better country and society to move to, and generally know what the fuck they're getting into. They're expecting different culture and are prepared to adapt to it.

Refugees? Nah. They expect us to bend over and take it up the ass whenever they want to give it to us. These are not good imports into our society and country - worse, it's all encouraged by the self-wanking self-abasing leftist pricks referred to above.

So I might like individuals - and loathe the people from the country as a whole. You can go there and see why: the dregs are roaming around. Travel broadens the mind: yet once you've done it for a while, you start to realize that you're exposing yourself to some really whacked-out assholes who have wildly divergent belief-and-action-systems than you have. This is why you end up getting mugged while walking down the street in some second- or third-world country.

Because you're not used to thinking that every idiot on the block is looking to pick your pocket - or knock you over the head for a few bucks. You forget for a moment. Similarly, this is why foreign brides probably do so well with Western men: we're not used to thinking that despite her good looks and nice behavior, she's still a parasite looking for a man to leech off. (Especially those who can and do get divorced once they become citizens. Dipshits with multiple Russian brides who never learn from it. Sheeeeit.)

Which all brings us around to the roots of racism. Let's look at Wikipedia on racism:
Racism consists of ideologies and practices that justify or cause or perpetuate unequal treatment of groups or individuals based on criteria of perceived racial or ethnical difference. These can take the form of social actions, practices, beliefs, or political systems (e.g., apartheid) that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently. Some variants include a belief in hierarchies of worth arising from biological differences between peoples.
Which is why the leftist-fucktards absolutely loathe racism: it goes against their narrative of nicey-nice "why can't we all just get along" equalism lunacy. Racism is prejudice against others for whatever reason.

So teach that equalism lunacy to kids in school. I had two friends - the three of us were the brainiest ones in the entire school. If you think the other kids (and even the teachers) didn't pick on us 'cause we were different, you've got rocks in your head. The lunatic creed of "get along" didn't exist back then. Prejudice did, and absolutely still exists where the teachers can't see it.

Further down in the Wikipedia page it talks about xenophobia. Interesting how the leftist-crowdist dribble labels it as "irrational" and "unreasonable" dislike and fear and hatred of strangers or foreigners or anything that is strange or foreign. Again, shit on anything that goes against the narrative of nicey-nice equalism lunacy.

Using a google search, the definition of xenophobia comes out as:
dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries
Prejudice, once more. This is the key part. Prejudice. What causes prejudice?


Going back to school. Why were the other kids and the teachers prejudiced against myself and my two friends?

Because we didn't think and act like them?

Why are we prejudiced against foreigners? Because they don't think and act like us?

Why is xenophobia labeled as being irrational and unreasonable? The leftist-fucktards have labeled it so because it makes them uncomfortable, going as it does against their creed of equalism. It screws with their delusional mental map, which must must must triumph over the territory that is actual reality. Yet, xenophobia is based in experience. Experience of others who do not think and act as we do.

I might like individuals. I loathe the race as a whole.

My loathing is because of my experience with the race as a whole - or the experiences of others that I trust somewhat. If several people say the same of the race as a whole, out of their personal experiences, I am more likely to believe that anecdotal shared experience. My liking of individuals comes about because of personal experiences with those individuals only.

I believe shared experience because these experiences come from my people who think and act the way that I do.

Irrational and unreasonable, my ass. It's totally 100% rational and reasonable. No matter these leftist-fucktard pricks trying to blow smoke up our collective assholes, we know better in our gut.

This is the roots of "racism" and "xenophobia" - shared and personal experience. Fuck the redefinitions, absurdisms, and bullshit inflated crapola shoved down our throats by the leftist-fucktards and their self-wanking mentality. Shared and personal experience of reality. It protects us from the thoughts and actions of people who do not think and act in the manner that we do.

This is why Racism Is Good.

It's also the roots of our freedom to associate only with those that we feel comfortable with. Try to force me to live next door to some person whose food stinks so bad that I feel like vomiting, who doesn't clean their house at all, and who just tosses his garbage in a pile outside the door? (Something that my brother has personally experienced. Fucking revolting he reckoned, with cockroaches everywhere.)

No thanks, fuck you, I'm outta here.

It's called White Flight, and is sometimes deliberately triggered by people with an agenda for an area. Amusingly, some of those people are leftist-wanktards - ideology and hypocrisy has no boundaries when it comes to $$$.

In my youth, there was a saying: JAFA = Just Another Fucking Aucklander. These days it has changed: JAFA = Just Another Fucking Asian.

As Terrence Popp states: C.U.N.T. = Can't Understand Normal Thinking, and H.O.E. = Horizontally Oriented Entertainer. (We can apply the former to all leftist-marxist-retards. Come to think of it, the latter as well...)

We in the manosphere/MGTOW arena exhibit our own prejudices aka racism - towards women. This is a prejudice/racism/xenophobia which has been brought about by shared experience. Which is why we say YAWALT - one of my first posts ever on this blog.

Too bad for you C.U.N.T.'s and H.O.E.'s. I might like some of you women as individuals, in a severely limited and ring-fenced manner ("am I fucking you? I must like you then"). I loathe and distrust the "race" of women as a whole.

Racism and Xenophobia are Good. Why? Perhaps an example will illustrate.

When I was over in Thailand for a wedding, my mate told me some things that were very interesting about Thailand:

1/ Foreigners and foreign-owned companies were not allowed to own land-and-buildings. They can lease, nothing more. I understand that it's the same in China.

2/ Foreigners have to go through a rigmarole every 3-months or so to stay in the country (perhaps including leaving and returning the next day).

3/ You can get permanent residency, which allows you to become a director of a public company. You can then become a naturalized Thai citizen, at which point you can own land-and-buildings. It's a long and involved process.

So what political system is Thailand? Constitutional Monarchy (until 2014, now it's a Military Junta - happened soon after I left).

Which tells you something about a Constitutional Monarchy. They look ahead - way ahead - and they make abso-fuckin'-lutely certain that they're not gonna do something that'll fuck up their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren etc 1,000 years down the line.

Remember what I put on Social Microclimate about bridges and cities and overarching themes regarding urban planning, building for 200+ years ahead? These people are DOING IT. Or at the least, making absolutely certain that they're not handing it all over to some foreigner for a few pennies.

Unlike our stinking short-sighted politicians (in New Zealand, and I gather America and the United Kingdom as well). Because in their leftist-fucktard-short-sighted mind it's okay to sell out your future for a couple of bucks today. Who gives a shit, they already have their snout in the fuckin' trough. Never mind the childreeeeeeen...

So why are our fuckin' politicians like this?

It's simple when we think about it. Politicians are only concerned with getting elected this term/next term. They have their snouts in the public trough as long as they can possibly manage it - ditto for the (un)civil servants and bureaucrats who maintain them: "100 years down the line? Don't make us laugh mate! 10 year plan at best!"

Crass and overt short-term greed, lies, backtracking - all manifest, certainly not hidden. So how do they get elected?

Teh wimminz vote, and the quisling male suckups trying to get some pussy by following teh wimminz vote and proclaiming that they followed teh wimminz vote.

Democracy in action. A bunch of spoiled fuckin' children voting free benefits for themselves. Never mind reality. The greedy and self-serving politicians follow along, paying lip-service for their own personal gain.

Hang the future. Hang reality. Hang the childreeeeeen...

So, a definition of Democracy:
Democracy, or democratic government, is "a system of government in which all the people of a state or polity ... are involved in making decisions about its affairs, typically by voting to elect representatives to a parliament or similar assembly," as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.
All the people. So who has the loudest and most numerous voices? Oh yeah, teh wimminz - just listen to Big Red aka Chanty Binx aka Feminazi Cunt saying "SHUT THE FUCK UP..." a few dozen times.

We've already established that most women Can't Understand Normal Thinking. IE they can't understand reality at all - and have screaming shit-fits when you try to explain it to them ("you're mansplaining to me! that's abusive!"). The delusional map in their head overrides it, though sadly not to the point where they think that gravity doesn't exist and they step off a cliff expecting to fly...though there is a small amount of delusion, which is why many of them are gravitationally challenged.

So a better definition of Democracy might be:
The loudest voice and the most votes dominating the government and therefore making decisions about the country as a whole.
Which is kind of frightening when you look at this picture and start playing "connect-the-dots":
Look at the 115 IQ point, the upper boundary of "normal" intelligence (one standard deviation away from the mean of 100 IQ). Check the bottom row: 84% of people are "normal" or lower.

So the average person Can't Understand Normal Thinking...and votes in free bennies for themselves...and the politicians and bureaucrats go along for the ride 'cause they want their noses in the trough...

So I guess that we can understand why a lot of people prefer to not play "connect-the-dots" and would much rather remain in an unthinking state or checking out of society entirely, going ghost. Because it's FUCKING AGGRAVATING when a BUNCH OF FUCKING MORONS goes around playing HOLIER THAN FUCKING THOU MIND-FUCK GAMES WITH US.

Especially when those mind-fuck games involve denying that what I can see with my own eyes is real. And that I should bend over and take it up the ass like a good little fellow-moron. And that it's good for me. And that I should both enjoy it and feel privileged that I'm taking it up the ass from them like a good little slave should.

So I'm given a job to do at work. It's going to fail. Why? Because I have no authority to say "get 'er done" to the retards that I'm supposed to be dealing with. Fucking committees and their endless circle-jerk wanking off. No problem though: I can simply push it upstairs, telling them that in my view it's ready to go when they give the word. Even better, I am completely bypassing the pathetic female herdthink paranoia of covering their ass and obsessive nit-picking and polishing a turd until it gleams like gold. No two years of this shit. It's ready, fuck your "committees" and "decision-making".

So I propose doing various regional functions to a group of people. They start going all gooey-eyed over it, wanting to do "committees" and "raising participation" and having "meeting groups" and shit like that. We've got a month to get this crap done. No fucking way. Regions that're interested, put up your hands. Fine. You need to do X and Y. I will do Z plus put together some artwork to run past you. The artwork gets cut back for various reasons, but hey, the goddamn functions are on-track and ready-to-rock.

Meanwhile these Can't Understand Normal Thinking people are out there having a little snit-fit, noses outta joint, 'cause I told 'em to go fuck'emselves. Cry me a river, morons. The job's getting fuckin' done without your "participation" and similar bullshit bogging it all down in Idiocracy.

Dictatorship or Monarchy, one person in authority making the decisions, beats Democracy hands-down. Mostly because Democracy is constantly laying on it's back, taking it like a good little Horizontally Oriented Entertainer.

Or a slave taking it up the ass.

And this-all is why racism is good...xenophobia is good...and democracy sucks monkey-ass.
It just occured to me, there is another "social construct" which devolves to the lowest common denominator and runs on emotion. A mob.

Runnin' riot through our civilization...

The Roman's gave out their dole of grain and free entertainment in the form of circuses. All to desperately pacify the mob.

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