Tuesday 8 March 2016

Social Prejudice

It's with a certain amount of irony that I note the New Zealand Herald has been running a series about burglaries. It's amusing that it's happened right after my last post about why racism and xenophobia are good, because they help protect you from those who don't think and act in the way that you do.

It struck me that - of course! - criminals and the poorer section of society from whence they typically come. What we might term the r-selected breeders, creating a self-selected and self-perpetuating and ever-expanding enclave of misery, poverty, and crime. Worse, they exist and are paid their slice of my and other's taxpayer dollars - encouraging them to breed and continue our decline of society into Idiocracy.

Of course, this is another media hoopla circus going for gold. Even so, let's have a look-see at the mess:

Hitting Home: Burglaries in NZ

Most of them feed on each other, of course - too stupid to go where the real money is (at least until they start thinking about creating flash riots to cover mass-thefts):

The Burglar Living In Your Neighborhood: Why Thieves Prey On Their Own Communities

Which reminds me so strongly of Chris Rock, from Bring the Pain in 1996 - Black People vs Niggers:
"You didn't hear shit 'cause you was DOING shit!" Ripping your neighbor off.

He pulls out some other goodies, also. Like how ignorant these people are. Always wanting credit for something they're supposed to do, bragging about it instead of doing it as a matter of course. "Yeah, I take care of my kids." "You're supposed to you dumb motherfucker!"

Shades of teh wimminz: "I look after my kids!" You're supposed to you dumb motherfucker. You want a cookie for it? In addition to a slice of my taxes, plus putting your hand in the putative father's pocket?

So yeah, white flight, people moving out of the neighborhood when the "less desirable" move in. Prejudice in action. People don't *want* their fucking shit broken into, smashed up, stolen. So they move to where the generic shitbags aren't right next door.

After all. It took a lot of personal time and sweat to buy that big-screen TV, the projector, the nice car, the expensive set of cameras and lenses, whatever. Some fuck breaks it or steals it, d'you think you're really gonna get that time-and-sweat back? Even with insurance? Assuming it's not some irreplaceable family heirloom, such as jewelery and the like that your great-great-great-grandmother had?

What's the chance that the police are even going to catch these motherfuckers?
Oh yeah, right. They're out patrolling the streets - for revenue, that goes into their own coffers - taken from people going more'n a couple kph above the speeding-limit. Never mind that less than 10% of burglaries are ever resolved in NZ.

Plus the lefties going on about "the poor, poor dears...they've had such a hard go at life..." Yeah, 'cause their mother made the stupid non-decision to get preggers and go it solo.

Technically there is the process of gentrification going on also: middle-class people moving into a lower-class area, typically pushing out the poorer families. Except that the middle-class is currently being gutted by the economic suicide of the West.

Ignorance. Idiocracy. Breeding.

As Chris Rock states: Black People. White People. Broke ass, living in a trailer-home, eating mayonnaise sandwiches, fuckin' their sister, listening to John Cougar Mellencamp records.

It's not race. It's not that they've had no chances to get ahead. It's their poor mentality, self-perpetuating, growing larger as the r-selected outbreed the K-selected.

You want to stop this shit?

Stop giving these motherfuckers incentives. No dole, no child support, nothing. No coddling the convicted criminals (it currently costs something over $45k a year per criminal to keep them locked up).

Have the police doing something more worthwhile.

Let the r-selected poor get their own shit together - or die.

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