Friday 15 January 2016

You Can't Negotiate

The problem is that when you are interchangeable - you can't negotiate.

Let's say that you're living in a country, call it whatever the fuck you want, and you've surrendered to an invader. They come in with their jackbooted troops, stepping on anybody and everybody they want, raping teh wimminz, killing the men who protest.

You now can't go back. Your country, your way of life, has already been handed over, now owned by the enemy. You do what he fuckin' says upon pain of death. If you're really lucky someone outside the entire mess will take up your cause.

So now all workers are interchangeable, anyone can take your place. You can't go back, you have no power, and if you don't like that they'll simply replace you.

Which IMO is all 110% relevant to the poor bastards in the Men's Rights Movement.

Men are already conquered, socially the country and society is ruled by teh wimminz and their quisling bootlickers. If you don't toe the line they gut you socially and hang you out to dry. Using the law and false rape accusations if they decide to fuck you over more permanently.

Think it can't happen to you? Because you've gone ghost? If you somehow piss off teh wimminz they will go out of their way to fuck you up big-time.

There are NO repercussions for them, even if you manage to prove your utter innocence and are completely exonerated.

Judge: "She lied to the court? You naughty girl."

Highly effective indeed. Like a slap on the hand with a fistful of cooked spaghetti.

Which is why you can have crazy shit like a wimminz who gets a restraining order on her boyfriend - still fucks him - later admits to all and sundry that she lied - and is STILL supported by all her female friends and the males who want to drop a fuck into her but are too chickenshit to outright ask if she wants a shag.

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  1. Well, this situation has a parallel in the history of my country:
    Up to 3 millions of Poles that died in concentration and extermination camps, blah, blah...

    which was met with:

    which finally led to:
    It wasn't pretty, believe me.