Saturday 16 January 2016


So a while back I wrote a post, pretty-much saying that there's no such thing as Hypergamy and that you could explain it simply through considering it to be learned bad behaviour - or not-learned good behaviour. Hold tight, I'm about to run a rasp across the nerves of every bad-behaviour wimminz out there...

I had the misfortune to run across some bad behaviour earlier today. In the form of children playing in a local park that I walk a short loop around (FitBit for the win and much needed to knock off a couple of kilos of Christmas cheer). Looked like three families, with only one man in attendance - picking the other two wimminz were single mommies, no way to be sure though.

Some young kids are playing with some toys, you can pretty-much guess what happens. Kid gets a toy, other kid decides he wants it, grab - kerfluffle - waaaaahhhh! "Don't worry little Jeremy, here, have this toy," coo's the momma. Kid grabs another toy to play with, other kid decides he wants it, grab - rinse and repeat.

Why do you think I Hate Other People's Kids was so popular? (No, that's not an Amazon Affiliate link - I live in NZ. Anyway, you readers don't need to buy it. Only teh wimminz are impulsive and stupid enough to require that book, and even that's only needed to provide them a moment's giggles and feelings of superiority over other wimminz.)

Now step back.


Look at women.

Specifically: look at teh wimminz who chase other wimminz boyfriends/husbands/current fuck-buddy/etc.

If you believe in "Hypergamy" it states that women like pre-selected men, ie men that other women like. Because it's a handy shortcut to evaluating the value of a man.
Adultery. Cheating. Stealing another woman's man. Winning him back.

Look at those kids with the toy. Exact same mentality. "She has him. I want him! WAAAAHHHHH!!!"

This isn't hypergamy. It's fucking infantile.

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  1. "Hypergamy" is a term borrowed from biology, I believe. It refers to a preference for mating *upward*: Men don't want girls they look up to (Pyjama Boy does, if he wants a girl at all, but he's defective). Girls are only attracted to men they look up to. They are *only* attracted to men they consider superior to themselves.

    Yeah, yeah, men *fantasize* about 10s. And some fantasize about girl-power action hero fantasy characters. But basically all men can happily be in love for their whole lives with very ordinary women who they consider weaker than themselves. If a man thinks his wife is stronger than himself, every man and every woman (most especially his wife) thinks he's a pussy, defective. A loser.

    A man is happy if he's the source of strength. A woman is happy if HE is the source of strength. She is *miserable* if *she* is the source of strength. That's hypergamy.

    Women absolutely require that their man be emotionally and physically stronger than them, and dominant. Dominant in an effortless, casual way. If he's not smarter and higher earning too, he'd better be a hell of a charming SOB.

    I know a female statistician married to a senior fireman. You know how women are about firemen. He's a level headed, responsible man who leads men, sound judgment, proven physically brave, a great father, and pre-selected to hell and back -- well out of her league by any sane standards. She's unhaaapy because she makes more money and he doesn't put her in her place. Silly bitch. She should be on her knees thanking God for letting her have this man in her life.

    But he doesn't know how to put her in her place, and she makes more money.

    That's hypergamy. Nothing to do with pre-selection. It's about relative "value", as women perceive it in their narrow little pea brains. That woman has an IQ nearly as high as mine and knows ten times more math -- and she's got the brains of a goldfish.

    I was just thinking about the dominance thing the other day. I'm pretty funny, faster on my feet than most. I have a hell of an imagination. I can improvise the craziest shit. It takes all that every day to keep my girlfriend submissive, and she ain't in my league by half, on looks or anything else. Plus I earn twice what she does, and she knows it. Silly American bitch. Delusional.

    If I've got to work to stay on top of this one, WTF is the average guy supposed to do? Nine hours hanging sheetrock or some shit and he's supposed to come home and effortlessly dominate an exchange of repartee with some angry fat skank? How about you boil the fucking spaghetti and shut your trap, Jumbo?

    Maybe you MGTOW guys have a point. These dumb bitches are psychotic.