Wednesday 24 September 2014

Talkative Pissheads

Another round of Extrovert-bashing...

Welcome to the quiet room with the relaxed people. Grab a book and sit down, get a drink and some snacks when ya feel like it. Yeah that's us, the Introverts who enjoy thinking about something that we're absorbing at our own pace.


Welcome to the club/pub with the loudmouths. Grab a beer and gulp it down, then a couple shots, dance and shake that ass like the yahoo/exhibitionist you are. Yeah that's them, the Extroverts who have to bounce off the walls like an ADD weirdo/fucktard while shouting at the top of their voices.

Excuse me while I close the door on the club'n'pub. Too energy-draining. Too much alcohol flowing. Too much cigarettes. Too much drugs.

No wonder they look like shit after 10-15 years of this crap.

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