Wednesday 10 September 2014

Female Entitlement - TGI Friday Edition

Actually happened last Friday, I've been too busy to put it up. At any rate.

The group of us included three guys and two girls this time. The conversation came around to food (natch) and dating (whatta surprise, given that girl #2 is "unencumbered" by a man). In that we got around to talking about:

Me: Restaurant dates are for special times and only in established relationships.

Her #1: No. How else is a guy supposed to treat his girl when starting out a relationship ... (blather blather blather)

Me: What, at $150+ for a decent dinner for two?

Her #1: (blather blather blather) ... it's nice for the guy to pay it shows he cares ... (blather blather blather)

Her #2 (unencumbered): I'd be happy to pay for my half.

Her #1: It should be him! After all, I was once with a guy - I decided that I didn't like him after all and it ended after a few dates - who paid for everything. He was a very sweet guy, he got us to a restaurant and got everything set up, opened the car door and pulled the chair and all - it was kind of strange-feeling but was very nice - anyway ... (blather blather blather)

Me: How much were those dinners?

Her #1: Oh he wasn't cheap. I mean about $70-80 each for the food and desserts, and a really good bottle of wine was something like $80, and a few drinks afterwards, then we went out to places like ... (blather blather blather)

Picture me smirking at the cognitive dissonance of what she's saying. I didn't say anything further - there was no need, just left her to blather on.

Prime example of a girl openly admitting to using a man for her own fun yet not consciously realizing it. A few (apparently 5) candlelit dinner dates - expensive ones like the above - and after a while "he just wasn't for me". After he spent (very conservatively) $200 per date, over $1,000 to wine-and-dine a girl - and of course got nothing for it - she simply went on her merry way to the next fool.

I made a mental note downchecking the value of this girl below her already-low value. Skittles might be too good for her type. Especially when she's so obviously trying to justify this entitlement mentality to all-and-sundry. Such a greedy and grasping leech so eloquently on display for all at the table to see.

Note: Convo not exactly word-for-word, of course. I don't have an eidetic memory. It captures the overall tone and content though, and I made certain to mentally note the dollars and number of dates and the like.


  1. I quit paying for dates when I was 21. I found there was no reciprocity - not even a thank you. No gratitude at all.

    1. There never was reciprocity.

      Looking back on it - strange to say, I never paid for dates before there was an established relationship (ie having sex). Not one.


  2. I have found satire as acerbic as the best posts of yours. Enjoy 'Miss Andrie'.

    1. I quite like Miss Andrie. Though I believe that the level of satire demonstrated is to a far higher and much drier standard than my posts.