Tuesday 23 September 2014

Keep That Shit Private

Brain-switchoff in times of high emotional stress. You know what it is.

Imagine this scenario:

Girl breaks up with a guy. He gets down on his knees, blubbering. She looks at him, his face all screwed up and red, tears pouring down his cheeks, totally incoherent, snot running out of his nose. She thinks: "I want THAT!"

Imagine this scenario:

Girls get together for a pity-party because one of 'em got dumped. The usual calls of "all men are pigs", "he's pathetic", etc etc ensue. Eventually the drunkenness really gets going and the cattiness turns into wails of "why can't I find a maaan!" with tears pouring down her cheeks, totally incoherent sobbing, snot running out of her nose. A Man looks at her and thinks: "I want THAT!"

I've seen both scenarios (minus the "I want THAT" part).

You know what I'm sayin'.

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