Friday 12 September 2014

Reality Check - It's All About Women

Everything is all about women. All advertising is aimed at pleasing women, either making her discontented with herself (looks, stuff, etc) or by enticing men with women (X vehicle will help you to get hot bitches). Sex sells, one way or the other.
Here are a few things that will help you to realize this fundamental truth (or re-realize it, and help to make it stick in your head).

Return of Kings - Everything Is All About Her

Yes. Always remember that. The drama, the bullshit, the entitlement, the narcissism - it's all about her, how she feels, what she wants, the works. Feminism is all about her. Fucking is all about her. Getting back at someone else is all about her. Reproduction is all about her. Civilization in the end is all about her. Everything is all about her, forever, always has been, always will be.

Reality-check time guys:
Ever wondered why you in the manosphere seem to lack energy? Or as you get older, you lack energy? Here's why - you've been ground down by the real world, you've achieved your reality check. Either in one big fell swoop (frivorce with a big "fuck you and you'd better keep supporting me plus I'm going to fuck with our children") or through the experience taught you by time.

Heartiste - The Number One Killer Of Your Game

These things have taught you that on the whole, it's just not worth it. As human beings, we don't generally piss around with things that just aren't worth it. It's a complete waste, and we are into conserving energy (it's in our genes, conserve energy as much as possible or die - that's why we are lazy fucks who watch TV at night, it's low-energy entertainment).

As an older guy, do I mess around chasing young girls? No. Experience has taught me that they just aren't worth it (if desired I can fuck younger girls for dollars, without bothering with the drama and horseshit of their "personal lives" - let alone taking a dump on my personal dignity).

Do I go dancing any more? No. Experience has taught me that it isn't worth it.

Do I chase women with shorter hair? No. Experience has taught me they aren't worth it.

Do I chase women with tats and piercings? No. Experience has taught me they aren't worth it.

Do I do a whole bunch of stuff? No. Experience has taught me that it isn't worth it.

So what do I do? I work a bit, I work out a bit, I do maintenance on my home, I learn things, I do some travel, I watch the world through Crap Colored Glasses™. I raise a little glass of Grand Marnier, point out the bullshit and hypocrisy, taste the schadenfreude, and Enjoy the Decline.

I cannot be arsed putting the energy into much else. Time and the Reality Check™ have taught me that basically everything else involves doing stuff for women - on the whole it's not really worth it. You just have to check out our current crop of female losers to see why.

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