Saturday 8 March 2014

Scorched Earth Option

It's a saying that after marriage, a woman changes. There is so much truth to that saying that it's not funny.

There's also a saying that after marriage, it's time to change the man. Many women are so stupid that they attempt this before marriage - take it as a sign of what after marriage will be like.

It is a definite truth that women will NOT leave you in peace. Once they've gotten their hooks into you then she will attempt to make you dance on her strings.

Now, if you've gotten married to a woman like this you may feel as though you have no options. She certainly thinks so, which is why the abuse ramps up after marriage.

Trust me you do have an option: the Scorched Earth option.

While it's painful as fuck, it is infinitely better than letting her walk away with everything in the cash and prizes stakes. Be clear: anyone who pushes things into the territory of divorce is not worthy of the most basic of considerations. It is almost better to destroy everything and then walk away clean and clear.

From personal experience they become way more amicable and pleasant about things when you make it plain that destruction of everything is in the cards. She can suck her head in, act like an adult, and get a little something - vs there being nothing left at all for either of you. Even she knows that you can do vastly better at beginning again from scratch than she can.

Pre-nups are not a viable defense: they are only a warning if she screams her head off when you broach the subject. Your only viable defense is not owning things and having minimal income. Best is if you can control wealth via trusts and the like, without actually owning.

Update: from my post about the real divorce rate, it sounds like there are a lot more people using the scorched earth option than I thought. That's gotta worry Princess when she hits the time-to-settle-down-and-can't-find-a-Beta stage of her life: men are wising up a lot.

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