Saturday 15 March 2014

Real Divorce Rate

I was talking with a lawyer that I know last night down the local pub. No I didn't try to pick her up, I learned long ago that certain types of women are a higher class of predator - this is one of those types. I LJBFd her over a year ago.

Any rate, she told me that the actual divorce rate is higher than reported. From memory it's like 45% here in NZ - well that ain't the real rate. According to her its more like 80-90%.

I suppose that she would know, being in the biz. Her bread and butter and all, she does a lot apparently. Truth or lies? I'd be interested if anyone else knows any lawyers who are willing to spill that kind of statistic.

Either way I just got a lot more paranoid.

Got another post in the works, will have to change it slightly.

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