Thursday 27 March 2014

Fuck Your Equality

Just decided to throw this one out there: Fuck Your Equality.

Fuck your diversity too.

It's very sad when a large business goes all preciously PC to the point where you can't even get your work done easily. You have to be so damn careful that you don't come out with an inappropriate fuck. It's always certain types of women who are offended when that happens - soooo uptight about everything.

The education sector is the worst, you'd swear that they were born with a remote-controlled electric cattle-prod up their ass.

It's the men who're amused when this comes out around the tightass career chicks. You've just smashed an elbow into something sharp and come out with a heartfelt "Fucking Jesus!" Laughable when the girl's mouth tightens up disapprovingly - like an asshole that's just had a slice of lemon inserted into it.

I could go on with a rant about equal/preferential hiring and how it forces a company to hire certain numbers of women/underprivileged. Even when they're totally incompetent, we all know they're incompetent, etc. - but frankly it's been done to death already. So what the hell.

Fuck your equality.

I will take the equality of being paid well for the effort that I put in developing my talents, business, etc. That is my kind of equality. Where everyone has an equal chance to do well according to themselves and their ambitions and desires.

I'm not handing squat to you on a plate just because someone is forced to hire you, you lazy piece of worthless shit.

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