Friday 7 March 2014

Disrespect Is Rife

Our society is saturated with both covert and overt disrespect of the male. It includes things like:

• slyly cutting remarks

• condescending attitudes

• gossip and backstabbing

• open sneering

• off-the-cuff dismissal

• depictions of males as useless dribbling idiots vs females being hyper-competent

In fact, one of the best depictions of this latter has been an advertisement that I've seen on youtube: a man collapsing exhausted from work, vs a woman happy and smiling while juggling a baby and a work-related phone-call and obviously hyper-competent. It was advertising deodorant. Sex sells for men, confidence and competence sells for women.

Men take note, fake that confidence 'till you make it.

At any rate we are steeped in this daily, from every quarter. Every man has to inoculate himself, resist the social conditioning, as best he can. We are truly alone in this: most women have no clue what they're doing, plus after a lifetime they're conditioned to be less-than-pleasant towards men anyway. If you're lucky you might find another man of similar thoughts to bounce ideas of and to be a gang-mate.

Welcome to the poison, don't let it get you down. You're not as helpless as you might think.


  1. And/or leverage your confidence in the area you are deeply interested in already. The more controversial topic, the better. Heh, one should pick their battles wisely.

    1. Controversial or not is probably of little relevance. The reality is that being competent at work should equate to confidence for any man - the more competent the better. The difficulty seems to be men's allowing any random woman's disrespect to affect them in a deep manner.

      Let us take for example: a diesel mechanic. Denigrated as "just being a mechanic" by retards who don't stop for an instant to think of the years of learning and experience it requires to do such things. Yet those guys are far more important to society than the lionised female entertainers like Miley and Amy Winehouse and Brittany Spears.

      They certainly bring far more value to this world.

      So, the prancing tart on the stage has more confidence due to "being known" than the guy who fixes the bloody truck that carts her skanky ass from concert to concert and carries food from country to city.

      Break is over, maybe I'll put together a proper post with more thoughts outlining this later.