Friday 2 August 2013

So Bored

Bored people are boring people.

If someone has a whinge about being bored, it is an absolute certainty that they are boring. Non-boring people are quite capable of entertaining themselves in some manner. Boring people do not know how.

A good book. A decent movie. Interesting conversation. Going swimming. Going walking. Having a soak in a hot tub or hot pools.

Boring people do not have the mental capacity to think of these simple things.

The amusing thing is that these boring people therefore expect you to entertain them.

It's an entitlement mentality - nothing less. Look at meeee! Pay attention to meeee! I'm boooored, entertain meeeeeeee!

Women tend towards being easily bored, especially when they aren't getting the attention (and validation) that they've become conditioned into expecting...nay, craving...all their lives.

They are fucking addicted to it.

Modern social media has turned women into addicted attention-whores. Every time that they get a comment or like on Facebook, every time that they get a response to a tweet, every time someone enjoys their pinterest photo (however the fuck that works).

Every stupid bitch "friend" and pussy-chasing loser "friend" in the world is validating her over the inane drivel of her life - aka nothing much. Over and over and over. To the point where these fucking morons think that the sun shines out of their own cunt. You'd better agree or their fucktard mind will implode on you.

The reality is that they're a fucking disease. Or diseased. Or both. And they actually live inane lives of quiet desperation.

No thanks, cupcake, you can entertain yourself - and me. I suggest that you strip down and grab that vibrator, spread 'em in front of me, and give me a good show.

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