Tuesday 20 August 2013

It isn't inherently wrong

It isn't inherently wrong for women to think of men as a tool, one which makes their life easier by bringing in money.

It isn't inherently wrong for men to think of women as a tool, objectifying their bodies and enjoying their tits and ass as an indicator of fuckability.

What is inherently wrong, for both women and men, is when they don't respect their tool for what it does for them. Women not respecting the hard work and effort that the man puts towards supporting her and their children. Men not respecting the efforts that women do towards keeping the home together and raising the children properly.

What is inherently wrong, is being hypocritical about it.

What is inherently wrong, is two-facedly treating someone badly and ungratefully - not keeping up your half of the bargain - and then having a shit-fit when they get justifiably annoyed and angry about it. Like a child attempting to distract attention from the fact that they've just been caught with their hand in the cookie-jar - by throwing a pathetic little fucking tantrum.

So let us be blunt and realistic: the VAST MAJORITY of disrespect (and laziness, in the form of getting fat) in our society is coming from women and being directed towards men.

Why is this happening?

Because men are not looking at the women and saying: "Stick a sock in it." We are not standing up for ourselves. We are allowing ourselves to be treated badly. We are enabling this bad behaviour towards us. We are letting someone get away with bullshit - just because they are female.

This is exactly like allowing somebody to get away with something - just because they're Black (or Native American, or a refugee, or what-fucking-ever "oppressed" minority you choose to use as an example).

We are permitting someone to wallow in their victim-mentality, becoming more and more demanding and entitled and spoiled - when we really just want to tell them to shut the fuck up and do (or become) something fucking useful. Instead of being a leech and parasite.

Stick a fucking sock in it. Stop being a leech. Stop being a parasite. Start being of some fucking use to society. Start being of some fucking use to other people.

Not just women. This applies to anyone with a victim mentality.

Stick a fucking sock in it.

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