Wednesday 14 August 2013

Random Thoughts

White Knights: You fucking useless tools. Put that vagina on a pedestal, worship it, run to its defence when it gets even fake-upset - you will not get laid. Your dick will not get wet by doing this.

Enabling: Men enable bad behaviours in women, by *tolerating* bad behaviours in women. They give women a pass simply because they have a pussy (closely related to those fucking White Knighting bastards above, yet more widespread).

Taking Advantage: Women, of course, will take take advantage of such. Hell *anyone* will take advantage of such a situation. I sure as hell would, women haven't got a monopoly there. Of course, once they do it a few times, they feel "entitled" to such things.

Fighting Back: It's hard for one man in a hundred to fight the bullshit that the other ninety-nine retards encourage. That's probably why men who actually stand up against that bullshit get attention from women. It's a breath of fresh reality in a life of stuffy same-same. Besides: if he can't stand up against her bullshit, he can't stand up for her either.

John Gray (fake Ph.D): You utter piece of shit. Your book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" is the quintessential guide to the creation of an Emotional Tampon male. I hope that you burn in Hell for your urging of men to listen to women. Or better, that you'll be forced to listen to the whining of every woman in the world from day dot. May it crush your soul to pasty shit.

Women: I love women for what they could be. I despise women for how far they deliberately fall short. Entitled, arrogant laziness is unacceptable. Especially when all women have to do is show up and be presentable (ie get rid of that fucking fat).

Men: I hate men for enabling (above). I love that we improve ourselves. I wish that as a group, we were more mindful of the consequences of our actions - and that we were willing to push back against the waves of entitled cuntism that we are allowing women to ram down our throats with impunity.

Pre-Nuptials: What a waste of time. Judges side with women by default, plus they're null and void once you have kidlet's anyway. They have only a single bonafide use - if the woman starts screaming when you broach the subject, then the cunt has an ulterior motive for marrying. One that she thinks the prenup will put the kibosh on. (Frivorce! Money!) Recommendation: run like fuck.

Women Whining: For God's sake, don't listen to it. Ever. If you want to be an emotional tampon, to have your good mood crushed into depression, then you have a suicidal death-wish. Frankly, listening to women whining kills your mood (ie your boner). In the same vein, don't listen to a woman who starts to whine about her life being utter shit. That's crap, and you don't have time for it.

Batshit Crazy: Plus, and especially if you've been making out and escalating towards sex until this point, when a woman starts whining it is an indication of a very low-value woman. One that is easily distracted from extremely pleasurable pursuits (sex). Do you really want to stick your dick into that kind of batshit crazy? Recommendation: run like fuck.

Kids Walking In: Yes, fucking laugh as much as you want - it has happened to me, it will happen to you. When someone's kid walks into the room (whether during or after sex) then you know certain facts:

1/ This woman has never established discipline in her children, nor has she established and reinforced boundaries.

2/ The kid doesn't like you and is being a deliberate cockblock (and if your fuck doesn't even mention it - even to give a lame apology - she's also screwball-maximum).

3/ You should run like fuck. 'Cause this shit (might) be acceptable behaviour once or twice when you both are teenagers, yet there is no fucking way that it should be anything like acceptable for anyone in their twenties-plus.

Fuck all this kind of shit. Grow some fucking balls and get some standards.

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