Saturday 24 August 2013

In the end

Despite all of the rhetorical shit. Despite all the problems. Despite all the dumbness. Despite all the princess fucktardism. Despite all the narcissism. Despite all the disappointments. Despite all the screaming shit-fits. Despite all the dysfunctional crap. Despite all the cunty bitchiness.

In the end...

...under all the crap...

...under all the silliness...

...hidden between the words that she says...

...despite all the lies and brainwashing...

...regardless of all her protests...

In the end, she still needs:

A smile.

A kiss.

Holding hands.

A conversation.

Slow lovemaking (and wild-monkey-sex).


Sleeping together.

In the end, she is still a little girl. One who desperately needs a hug and to be told that everything's going to be all right.

In the end, she needs to be touched.

Remember that, when you seduce her.

Give her what she needs, so long as she gives you what you need. Once she stops giving what you need, find someone who will give what you need. Don't be sorry or ashamed when you hang her out to dry.

She didn't want what you gave her any more. You no longer owe her shit. Deal with it.

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