Tuesday 31 October 2017

The Pity Game

Also known as playing the victim.

This has sort of been bouncing around in the back of my head for about six months - after watching this video from Popp and Blake, in response to teh wimminz whining about "where have all the good men gone?" (Wah.)
Mansplaining accusations aside...

...this is actually not a serious question from teh wimminz.

This is actually female posturing. It's actually a coupling of:

* slinging out a fishhook for a male pussy to look after them

* shaming of all men around them at the moment (for not stepping up to the plate)

* gathering of pity and validation from all the fellow-wimminz in earshot

That trifecta puts this rhetorical question into the "heavy-duty shit-test" bracket. Not nuclear, just seriously heavy-duty.

As Popp states in the video: a retread woman ain't worth shit.

So effectively, the only real answer to this heavy-duty (monumental?) civilization-wide shit-test is as follows:
You are 35+ years old. You have taken it in every hole from a variety of men for 20 fucking years. If you're halfway good-looking you can continue to do so for a little while longer. You've probably had more STDs than I've had hot dinners. This puts you on par with a well-used piece of chewing gum, scraped from the bottom of the retarded kid's school desk.
Nobody in his right fucking mind is going to be doing more than dropping a fuck into you. Only a pathetic simp is going to be putting a $2,000 ring on your finger. Only a pathetic simp is going to be giving you a $20,000+ wedding-and-honeymoon package. You expect that, you fuckin' crazy - and nobody with a brain wants to fuck crazy.
The best part is that you fucked up yourself. You decided that The Cock™ was more important than your future. In fact, your parents decided that you were right! They supported you all the way! You go girl! So now, your future is toast. Feel the burn.
And then get up and walk away. After all, it's just a wad of well-chewed chewing gum. Nothing particularly interesting there at all. Especially amongst all the male and female hangers-on, who support that piece of shit.

Brought to you by Crap-Colored Glasses™, only $1k the pair and cheap at 10x the price.

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