Sunday 22 October 2017

Memes, Oh My!

From a female contact on FaceCrap, the usual list of feelgood crapholio. For more delicious fun, it was disguised as a "buddhist" saying (believe that if you want - it's only teh wimminz who love-love-love lists like this, especially with that sub-rosa copping a passive-aggressive attitude):
I'll admit that it didn't annoy me - I found it mildly amusing, in an "of course, you go girl" manner.

In contrast, here is the MGTOW's simple creed:
Why make it complicated? Meditate upon that as you enjoy your lives away from the plantation, brothers!


  1. Yes, but don't you know that if too many people imbibe red pill truth's there won't be any good men around to fight and give their lives for poor defenseless women folk on buses in Portland, OR.

    That men will walk away from burning cars and leave women to burn to death.

    The Red Pill is poisoning society and destroying the world, because their is no other reason people do bad things and act selfishly. Oh sure feminism is bad, some may say, but we all know it's the swaths of destruction and indifference that the red pill is leaving in it's wake the will bring about the apocalypse.

    This Red Pill must be crushed and spread amongst the vermin that populate city sewers.


    1. Heheheh! Grade-A sarcasm, love it.

      TRP needs to be crushed and added to the water-supply. Only then can we be free.