Thursday 14 September 2017

Economics of Sexbots

Eyes, balls, brains - all here and accounted for. Hold on tight, we're about to rip the guts straight out of Feminism and the entire gynocentric society we live in.

Sexbots, sex dolls, you-name-it, it's getting better.

In the past, I've written about the general cost of pussy and if it's actually worth it. (Synopsis: nope.)

Now that sex dolls and sexbots are becoming more affordable - and men are becoming less worried about what teh wimminz think socially - things are changing out there.

Before, I wrote of two generally-broad paths:

* marriage and kids and all that, costing you something like $1.3 million dollars over 20 years (more if you get divorce-raped)


* bringing in $2 million dollars over 20 years (and spending $200k of that on a variety of whores)

There is now another path coming "out of the closet" as it were.

The sex dolls (now) and sexbots (to come).

Back on my post re "is that pussy worth it?" linked above, I stated that a man can earn $100k a year and spend about $10k a year on a variety of decent-quality (young) whores. End result is $90k a year in his pocket.

You can get a quite realistic sex doll for under $3k.

Either - both - of these are vastly better than the modern sexually dysfunctional sand bucket chick who has a minimum 12% chance of being sterile if she's under 29 years old. (Or who tries to catch you out with a whoopsie.)

The very, very interesting thing though - it gets better. Way, way better, when it comes to the comparison of whores vs sex dolls.

You see, there are already whorehouses in asia that have sex dolls rather than whores. The Japanese have their love doll brothels. In Barcelona a whorehouse has opened that has sex dolls instead of whores. There is a Dublin whorehouse that rents out a sex doll for 100 euro per hour.

This tells me three things:

1/ Men prefer fucking a whore rather than having a modern "wife".

2/ Men prefer fucking a doll rather than fucking a whore.

3/ Whores are such a fucking pain in the ass that even brothel owners want to be rid of them.

I shit you not about #3 there. Even 30 years ago (before I drank the kool-aid and married a BPD/NPD woman) I knew that brothels were damned harsh with their whores. Many of them were (and still are, something else that I experienced 3-4 years ago) stuck-up cunts who don't live in reality. Brothels know better - they want satisfied, repeat customers! (Ditto for strip-clubs.)

So for a brothel, a good chunk of the "take" goes to the girl involved. Plus making sure that she stays clean, gets checked regularly, doesn't fuck off the customers, etc.

In comparison, a doll is a one-off purchase that merely requires maintenance after each usage. Customers who damage a doll pay for it out of their pocket.

No cunty personality to deal with. No hassles keeping them clean and checked. No scrambling because someone is on the rag or is in a state 'cause their boyfriend found out what they actually do for a living. Keep most of the money. Customers are guaranteed happier 'cause the whores ain't jacking 'em around.

This is a definite win-win-win fuckin' situation for the brothel-owner.

It's also a damn good win-win-win situation for a man with the space to buy his own sex doll rather than rent one out for a time.

Over 3 years time, a man can get a "stable" of 3 different sex-dolls (each with their own hair/eyes/other accessories) for about $10k all up (including maintenance for those 3 years).

That's much better than $30k for a variety of whores over that time-period. Plus dealing with whatever weird-ass attitudes and the risk of STDs that they bring into your life. (Yes, you pay them to go away once you're done.)

With the AI that they're working on these days - talking sex dolls - memory - responses - moaning when you do certain things (built-in sensors) - you get the picture. It's getting more...


In a doll-like, puppet-like, controlling manner. You get what you want, which is sex and silence.

This is 2017. By 2030, I suspect that these sex dolls might be coming very, very close to full-on sexbots.

If in 2030 you spend $20k on a very high-end sexbot - one that's actually useful in ways other than simply poking it with your dick - then you are far ahead of the game even when it comes to whores and sex dolls. You actually have something that both:

a/ brings pleasure

b/ makes your life easier

It looks like in that 13-year time-period, the vagina will be ripped right out of the "oldest profession". It will cease to exist. Plus, a man who follows this path is going to have at least $100k in pocket, saved cash, to pick-and-choose his new companion. Why only one?

That's going to utterly gut feminism and the modern strong, empowered wimminz. You will work - period. You will not marry - no man will want you. You will be just another cog in the work-sleep-consumption cycle of our eternal-slavery civilization.

A civilization where actually being interested in fucking a woman will be an extremely rare surprise and validation of her existence. Rare as hen's teeth and unicorn blood.

I would not be surprised if it becomes normal to be having sex with dolls and robots. Just look at the porn industry - razorblade manufacturers wanted to sell more product, so porn stars started shaving their privates. That sub-rosa message caught on and most women (and many men) are shaved. The same type of sub-rosa message could similarly be done to benefit the sexbot industry.

Poor feminists. Caught in the grinder of not needing a man, being able to do it all for themselves, and then even their vagina's literally being made worthless.

We have a ringside seat to this trainwreck.

A small sense of surprised and pleased schadenfreude - tonight, now, I will have a small glass of Grand Marnier. Something that I've not had in quite some time.


  1. Sexbots would be good for men, but bad for civilization, because they will encourage Muslim invasions, NEETs, single mom welfare queens and other reverse eugenics programs which the Jews use to neuter us (often using women as a 5th column). Artificial wombs are the real killer app. No more families wrecked over nothing. Men will choose their childrens' genes more carefully. And eventually... womens' suffrage will fall, and then feminism! Because who would want to bring a daughter into the world, knowing what she will turn into?

    Note that womens' suffrage and feminism will fall anyway. Probably at the hands of Islam or Lord Humongous, Master of the Wasteland. This has happened multiple times in the past. It would be better for us to do it on our terms, and save our civilization in the process.

    1. Spot on. It would be great to be able to save our civilization. I simply see no means of doing it at this point - basically, there is no upside at present for the men who would do all the work.

      I'm somewhat wary of the idea of artificial wombs. Only because we don't know that much regarding our own genetics. If our best suddenly go the way of Thalidomide Babies in 3-5 generations, we're just as screwed.

    2. Bisphenol A in the plastic lining of the womb. Anyone born from it will turn into a raging tranny. This might be enough to get the Jews to throw the feminists under the bus and loudly proclaim artificial wombs to be "the salvation of the white race".

    3. Excellent. Hey, it could be stealth-deliberate!