Sunday 14 August 2016

Wheels Coming Off The Gravy Train

So the wheels are coming off the gravy train again, heheh.

Yes, I'm a little tipsy. High stress work, sometimes my Fe/Ni starts going around in futile and ever-decreasing circles of inanity. Alcohol shuts the bullshit down and calms me a little, so long as I don't have too much. (That's Jungian Cognitive Function-speak, if you really care.)

So, the gravy train is starting to derail once again. But wait a minute:

Which wheels?

Which gravy train?

Why, the gravy train that is the PUA's pussy-wagon, of course! Over on RoK they have recently had another hit piece: 4 Ways to Stop Being a MGTOW.

Tch tch tch. The usual shaming bullshit getting flung out again...the monkeys are seeing others walk off the plantation and decide to throw their monkey-poo at all and sundry...feminist-style shaming monkey-poo, of course.

Which brings up a few very interesting thoughts. Why do they feel they have to throw the monkey-poo with such lively abandon? It's like it happens every six months or so...quietens down...then flares up again.

Then it clicks (to me).

The 93% chance of all marriages ending up in divorce, within 10 years (my last post).

Oh my. So here we have Roosh peddling his snake-oil of new masculinity (where are these unicorns you're expecting your new men to marry? fucktard) - but there is a bigger, more pressing issue.

No, it's not that a lot of men are going MGTOW. (Though any lost sale to the head honcho's of the PUAsphere must rankle something bad.)

No, it's not that the new masculinity is going down the tubes. (Is it? I've not bothered keeping an eye on that to see. I wouldn't be surprised. It's just a slightly reddish tinge to the blue pill, attempting to drag men back to the plantation.)

It's actually that the men going MGTOW are taking the props away from the civilization, the plantation, that allows the PUAsphere to exist.

Y'see, no civilization = a lesser variety of free pussy for the dancing monkeys to take advantage of.

When everything turns to third-world levels of crime and stupidity, it actually becomes dangerous to be a monkey that dances for free pussy.

Wanna fuck some dude's girlfriend or wife? Get caught, you're either dead or beaten to a pulp.

There might be a "veneer" of law, which applies only to the powerful and high-status in life. (Which applying will only be to the advantage of the powerful and high-status, being leveraged against the weak and powerless and trash that is the rest of society.)

In the back-streets themselves, gutter-law rules. Fuck my girl, me'n my bro's will fuck you up good, mate.

Social status posturing and posing?

Nah. Gutter-law is a baseball bat to the kneecaps and nuts.

Funny, in a way. I dragged myself out of gutter-law, only to find that society as a whole is dragging itself back in to it.

The PUAs free-pussy-wagon? The wheels are coming off. The street has eyes. The eyes don't report to the law. The eyes pass it on to the gutter-law.

Show respect, you'll get along good. No respect? Goan fuck you up, cut you up, mate. Then I'll slice that cunt up too. Fix you both, show everyone not to cross me, mate.

The most deliciously ironic thing? The PUAs are taking advantage of a declining civilization. In r/K terms, they're teaching themselves to use the rabbit breeding strategy. (Humorous. Self-improvement! Become a wolf! So you can breed like a rabbit. Fucking humorous.)

But these rabbits, they're each other...and you're putting yourselves into their feeding-chain.

Ya know what? You did it to yourself.

What more can you say? Time for a little more Grand Marnier, then out like a light. To sleep, perchance to dream, and hopefully it's not a fuckin' nightmare like so many people are dragging the world into.


  1. I doubt that their periodic poo-flinging at the MGTOWs is anything to do with MGTOWs removing the props from civilisation. Roosh & co are neither that high-minded or that far-sighted. It's 100% about losing sales. Books, boot camps, personal coaching, Kratom.

    But if they are blaming MGTOWs, they have picked the wrong target. First, they have simply run out of suckers, is all. The term is "market saturation". They face the same problem that Scientology faces: thanks to the internet, anyone can find out what their actual game is.

    Second, they face the same problem that lap-dancing bars face. Internet porn. So cheap, so convenient. And you don't have to work out how to get rid of the girl once you are done. PUA-shysters are in the buggy-whip industry. Actually spending money, practising your lines, getting dressed up and going out so you can see a naked lady and get off is so '90s.

    But most of all, it just doesn't work.

    I went onto a "natural health" website recently. There were 900 bullshit products, each of which cured cancer. But why were there 900? If any one of them worked, wouldn't that make all of the others irrelevant?

    Why does the PUA industry change it's sure-fire get-laid secret recipe every few years? Why don't you hear about NLP, and 'kino', and 'anchoring' any more? Same reason. It doesn't work, and never did.

    But so long as there's one sucker left with five grand in his pocket who might, just might, buy it they'll continue to do their darndest to persuade that sucker not to look at any info from heretics, apostates, and disbelievers.

    1. All 100% true. (Here's my cancer cure-all snake-oil: grapes. Lots of grapes.)

      And while I might be off-base with my assessment of the props coming out from under civilization - it takes a lot of surplus energy and production to keep the dribbling idiots and freeloaders going - I still wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if gutter-law came back.

  2. Gutter-law coming back? Did it really ever leave or was it just momentarily confined to certain areas?

    1. Momentarily confined to the dregs of society. The middle-class rose above it - only now the middle-class is being consumed to pay for the lower-class and dregs.

  3. Eduardo the Magnificent15 August 2016 at 13:47

    Couple of thoughts:

    Follow the money. If selling PUA advice to MGTOWs was possible, he'd be all over them like white on rice. Roosh & Co. aren't smart enough to figure out that you can't shame people who don't hold your values. Like the #neverTrump crowd, they overplayed the shaming and hysteria, and now their agenda has been exposed.

    Vox hates the MGTOWs too, but he should be a natural ally, since his position is restoring Western Civilization. He should have said to the MGTOWs "come with me, and you can help build (or rebuild) a nation where you can rule and be respected again." He didn't; he went with shame instead, and I think it was a wrong call.

    I haven't been by ROK in a while, and certainly didn't read the article, but I would wager that by now Roosh has run off the MGTOW crowd and ROK is quickly becoming and (((echo))) chamber. Very dangerous if your mission is male improvement: good minds need different viewpoints so chew on, argue, and grow. ROK once had that kind of promise. I think it has lost that forever.

    1. Vox probably isn't so hot on the MGTOW group because we look rather critically at his stuff and go "hmmmm...interesting..." - and not in an encouraging way. Most of the MGTOW seem to have a clearer and more cynical outlook. Many cases, probably from having the shit kicked outta them.

      Yeah RoK had promise originally - then as you say, gone.

  4. I don't use alcohol that much but I smoke cigars like a chimney. And yes, it calms me down.

    1. Everyone has one thing to calm us down. Mine is (moderate) alcohol. Others might be something completely different.

      (Oddly enough, no matter how smashed I get, I never get hangovers. Go figure.)