Saturday 30 July 2016

Welcome to the Divorce-Grinder

Thanks to the men over at /r/MGTOW, I have discovered this particular webpage:

Marriage Statistics

Back on my post What do you like to do? I showed that it was more like a minimum of 53% of marriages end up in divorce (because the divorces were only reported from 44 of the states in the USA). In the page above they state 50%, though I can forgive them for that.

What I find very interesting is the failure rate of first marriages (a couple of tables up from the bottom):
First Marriage Survival (Probability of lasting more than 10 years) [Bold mine. - BPS]
Probability that a first marriage will survive 10 years = 6.6 % - 1 in 15
If there was no birth during marriage = 3.7 % - 1 in 27
If there was a birth before marriage = 6.5 % - 1 in 15
If there was a birth 0-7 months after marriage = 7.4 % - 1 in 13
If there was a birth 8+ months after marriage = 7.9 % - 1 in 12
If true (and I can see no reason why it wouldn't be - in fact, given the under-reported divorce stat I could make a case for these survival stats being slightly higher than reality) then this has to be the absolutely most damning piece of evidence against marriage in the USA. The entire Western World. (Hell, the entire world, period!)

So, look at those two statistics on that page. I'm'a spell it out:

50% of all marriages fail
6.6% chance that a first marriage will survive 10 years

So the second statistic seems to be saying: 93.4% of all first marriages will fail within 10 years.

Which means the 50% of all marriages failing - might actually be within the first year. Only.

This fits in with my old post re the Real Divorce Rate in NZ.

I find this a very difficult poison pill to swallow. I can imagine it, though. If you think about it, reporting on the long-term chances of a first marriage failing at being over 93% - you'd just destroy the institution utterly. Not even the most stupid of male fools on this planet is gonna go for that. Maybe if you lobotomized him first.

It's more palatable (though still painful for men) to say "yeah, 50% of marriages fail". Try to minimize even that, sweep it under the rug, keep it outta the mainstream media as much as possible. Yeah, it won't happen to you, buddy. You live a charmed life. You're special. You're different from the rest. Yeah.

It doesn't seem like it's completely true, though. First year, sure. Further down the line though, once you've been her slave for 10 years, when there's some fairly substantial goods and money gathered together and put aside...


...there goes your bubble.

From the above, 2.077 million men a year get married - of which ultimately 93% will be thrown into the divorce-grinder within 10 years of getting married. That averages out to 1.93 million married men every year getting screwed over and being stuck for x number of years (say, another 10+?) filling cupcake's pocket. During which time cupcake goes out and gets her vag crammed with as much cock as possible. (Anecdotally and depending, anyways - some P is Q != all P is Q.)

The more successful female predators getting a larger chunk of a slave's life due to being more patient? This really *is* the Art of Whore. The lawyers who take advantage of this, who feed off this, are the true bottom-feeding scum-sucking filth of this world. It's absolutely no wonder that divorced men with children loathe the Family Court system.

So. That's something pretty bitter and poisonous to have to swallow down, even for us men who've had our eyes opened to the bullshit around us. Just a matter of time, you're sure to be reamed anyway. Nothing else that I can think of shows as starkly just how disposable all men are in the eyes of the female sex.

Including our own sex - I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed, yet eventually even I twigged. Someone else will have caught it too. They know. They didn't open their mouths to try and sort it out - why/why not? Who knows?

By extension, it shows how truly screwed our civilization, our society, really is.

In my zombie-blue-pill-blinkered days, I basically had zero chance of achieving the lie that I'd been told all my life. No wonder that so many men these days resist the truth. No wonder that so many younger men resist marriage - they know that it's under-reported. It's actually way, way worse than we (at least, old fogies like me) had ever thought.

We are going to watch our civilization, our society, burn to the ground. I can see nothing that could possibly stop it, with that kind of shenanigans going on. Too much headwind against it. It would have to be an extremely radical (aka bloodily forceful and violent) social restructuring to actually make it worthwhile for men to keep things going. I don't know if the Western World has that kind of force left in them any more.

Brought to you by (an especially bleak look through) Crap Colored Glasses™ - only $1k the pair and absolutely priceless when it comes to getting pre-warning of your entire life and society and civilization and world going down the crapper. Probably sooner than you'd think and a helluva lot sooner than you'd like.

(I wonder what Terrence Popp and Blake of Redonkulas would make of this set of stats? Or Breitbart? Or would it be just too damn much to choke on?)

For a second and closer bleak look:

2.077 million marriages
-1.93 million eventual divorces
= 147,000 marriages every year which actually survive more than 10 years

Pathetic. Plus note that I don't comment upon the "happiness" of said marriages.


  1. I always thought the divorce rate was underestimated, mainly because there are a lot of older couples who grew up under a less degenerate culture and therefore they stayed married. But there is something fishy about this page. Right at the top, it says there are 6.8 marriages and 3.4 divorces per 1000 people. That's a divorce rate of 50%. The only way to make these statistics consistent is to assume that the vast majority of first marriages lead to a quick divorce but the vast majority of second marriages last. To see how it works, consider an extreme case: 100% of first marriages ending in divorce on the next day, but 100% of second marriages lasting until death. This would reproduce the 50% failure statistic at the top of the page. Obviously, this isn't happening. Not even close. I wouldn't be surprised if second marriages are more likely to fail, simply because they are pre-selecting for a group of people who have a proven ability to make poor life choices.

  2. Or maybe the pussyocracy is putting some bait out there by counting the marriages twice (two people), and the divorces once (one failed marriage). This would mean the divorce rate is 100%. That's more like it!

  3. Ahh, should have paid attention to the post. I see you already picked up on the fishiness.

  4. I think Terrence Popp may have covered this in his Zombie Apocalypse series, but I'm not sure. If he hasn't covered this yet, he should.

  5. I'll go through the Zombie Apocalypse series again, Anonymous. I don't remember anything about "real divorce rates", however I might have blocked it as being too personally painful (like blocking memories of utter idiocy).

    Ragnar, it's well-known that second and third marriages are even less stable than first marriages. Note that they only mentioned first marriages on the page - so I would imagine that the pre-selection of poor life choices has an even lower chance for the others. Probably vastly lower.

  6. Even if it doesn't end in divorce it can still be bad. Hell, maybe even worse. I see guys getting married to women with major health problems, major attitude problems, major debt, etc. You are a slave to that whether married or divorced.

  7. Oh hell yeah! Never date:

    * single mommies
    * wimminz in debt (particularly to a Worthless™ degree)
    * stinking attitudes
    * mental problems (this's what tripped me up)
    * health problems

    Do not date that. Do not get that pregnant. Most especially, do not put a ring on any of that!

  8. Sure society appears to be taking a dive but it'.s just he swing of the pendulum. Terrence should do something to strengthen the family instead of ripping on women all day. He's the Al Sharpton of the MGTOW movement.

    1. "The Market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent."

      As I explained once before, that pendulum can swing a looooong way - we are in for a very long decline. Like two-three centuries worth.

      Terrence is simply doing as I do, pointing out the poisonous shit that's going on. His format of choice is video and he comes across excellently in that format. (In comparison I would utterly suck with video - there's a reason that he and Blake are far more popular than this blog will ever be. It's like Aaron Clary's "Asshole Consulting" - he excels, they excel, each with their strengths and much kudo's to'm all.)

      We all already know what would strengthen the family:

      1/ Acknowledgement that family is the bedrock of civilization.

      2/ Adherence to laws that uphold that bedrock, rather than undermine it.

      However, there is no way in hell that that will happen. The reason: too many people are creaming it monetarily from the decline and fall.