Friday 19 August 2016

Social Dysfunction

More and more women openly exhibit what can only be described as social dysfunction and deviant behavior.

Which is pretty much what we're all on their case about, out here in the desert of the interwebs.

Which is why we'll never be mainstream (thank God!).

At any rate, you can see it in all their interactions. With everyone. The frenemies, their boyfriends, their workmates, all that stuff: cuckoo coco-puffs out the wazoo.

They state that men are socially clueless...then go to stab their "best friend" in the back at every possible opportunity.

They can't even be happy, bubbly, and joyful with themselves. (I've met exactly one girl like this - happy, bubbly, and joyful - in the past 6 years - she was 19.) So twisted and fucked up that they have to warp everything into misery - and drag everyone else into the same fucked up state.

So pathetic. "Like, wow, man" levels of pathetic.

It's worse, though. Because most of us men are so fucked up that most of us listen to them. (Have you really listened to them? I mean, really? It's an unending drone of minutiae and drivel. Enough to drive you out through insanity, to the clear and calm waters of peace on the other side.)

We men on the whole listen to them - at least enough to try and shut them up by giving them what they say they want. Because of this, we have warped our entire social structure into the same dysfunctional state as their fucked up heads.

To illustrate:

A male teacher fucks a 14yo female student. Rape! Instant 10 years of getting assfucked by Bubba and the rest of the boys.

A female teacher fucks a 14yo male student. She gets put on the sex offender list. A slap on the wrist with a limp noodle.

This isn't just double-standards and hypocrisy (though it certainly is that).

It is prime warning that our society is dysfunctional to an extreme.

(Was it 21 Jump St - the movie - which featured an "underage" undercover copper fucking his teacher? This deviant behavior is considered to be so normal that it's now popular entertainment?)

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  1. When someone brings up women's lib, I reply with sarcasm "Long commutes to work, asshole bosses and back stabbing co workers, how can us nasty men deprive women of all that."

    1. They're fuckin' welcome to all that shit.

      They can have the long hours that goes with it, too.

    2. The sex offender registry list really only affects men. I have never seen one incidence where a woman was denied employment or was quarantined to living out in shit hole nowheresville. Most women, (the attractive ones) all become some sort of whore anyway be it stripper, web cam whore etc.