Saturday, 25 June 2016

Safe Spaces For Modern Pussies, Crybullies, and Trust

Trigger warning! The psychotic screams of always it is worth watching Terrence Popp and Blake rip apart the psyche of the modern pussies:
I like their concept of crybullies. "I shall cry until mama spanks you for upsetting me - WAH!!" Truthful and absolutely fucking priceless.
Not just in college - looking at it, it appears to be leftists and minorities and teh wimminz general modus operandi as well. Go in front of the Judge and have a cry, until he spanks Teh Eevil Manz for upsetting teh poor widdle snowfwake me. Pathetic. Fucking pathetic.

All these fucking modern pussies crying away LOL. You could call 'em "Generation Crybaby" and be 1000% correct. Plus still barely scratching the surface of their hypocritical bullshit.

My comment on Terrence and Blake's video:
Generation Snowflake. Or as I call them: Generation Pussy.
Fights at school. Win a few, inconclusive a few, lost a few. All part of growing up - even as a nerd like I was. (Karate and Kung Fu and bowhunting and bodybuilding at age 13. Never thought about it until now. I was one weird-ass nerd.)
We men need our safe spaces. Thankfully, it's called "my home" - and I let very few in!
I was lucky enough not to get too damaged - and I guess smart enough to stay out of the real damage-zone as much as possible. Three-on-one is stupid, stay outta that mincer (fuck the movies bullshit). One-on-one, crush 'em if you can.

That said, safe spaces. We men need them.

Your home. That's the most overt of your safe spaces.

Your privacy. SJW's and lefties and pissed-off wimminz and the like love to violate that. (However, when you violate their safe spaces...whoooooo whatta shitstorm! Generation Crybaby kicks in with a resounding: "WAAHH!!")

Your mind. Your heart. Your soul. Your relationship. Your trust. (Sounds odd, doesn't it. Your trust as one of your safe spaces. Think about it for a while.)

Allow nobody inside ANY of these that you don't trust. And be very thoughtful about who you trust and how much and why and the circumstances around it. Your trust is your core place of safety.

Many a Man has been destroyed by trusting the wrong person or people. History is filled with examples.

Become invisible. Even when you're highly visible, it can be done - slowly, step by step, stealthily. The degree is your choice. People may not even realize once the process is complete. You can still appear visible - just another worker-drone - yet actually be invisible. Be one of the 80% of people that go unnoticed through life. Invisibility, isolation, is privacy, another safe space. Some people state that there is no isolation in the world today. It's quite possible, with some care and effort.

I've walked away from my last girlfriend. There was a recent time when extreme overwork was very detrimental to my energy levels (aka I ended up shattered and chronically tired for a while). Predator-like, she sensed an opportune moment and pushed way past the limits - in my weakened state I caved in. When I recuperated a bit, I realized what had happened, I walked away. YAWALT.

Let her scream and cry. Everything from her is manipulative & selfish. Hidden by the chameleon, until an opportune moment. Thinking that I would stay true to something said while shattered, out of a misplaced sense of "man up, I agreed, I will follow through" instilled into me from birth onwards by every manipulative female from my mama and the rest in this female-centric society that we live in.

Most cases: yes. However. Break the trust that you will act decently towards me at all times, break the boundaries of that safe space, break the relationship and everything that goes with it. No. You break the trust, I walk away. Fuck your expectations, tears, and other manipulative bullshit.

(Tinder is easy and minimum-effort. Within a week, balls-deep into a cute 24yo blue-eyed blonde with natural DD tits. She has multiple orgasms. I'm already pleasantly sub-rosa laughing in her face, because she's already tried some low-level manipulative shit on me. Arms-length occasional fuck-buddy is it, gal. Three other girls in the 30+ age bracket have already flaked.

I hesitate to put this out here. It sounds self-aggrandizing and arrogant as fuck. I'm no fucking Adonis. I'm 50 years old, very short beard that I trim to almost nothing each week, still with a full head of hair that's going mouse-grey. I fully admit that I did it because at the time I needed the self-esteem boost and the energy and confidence that comes with that. Probably just a fluke - so what the fuck, enjoy it while it lasts. I'm certainly no PUA, fucking HB9+'s every week. With extreme beauty and youth comes extreme entitlement and flakiness, a lot of bullshit that I have neither energy nor patience for.

Even from prostitutes and whores, going by past experience - haven't bothered with those any time recently. They can be the most nasty and uppity bunch of cunts you will ever fuck, bar none. The *only* thing that keeps them in line is this: "Always be pleasant and compliant and sweet, and I will hire you again. Be a cunt once, your cunt is toast." If the experience is bad, even if you ain't finished: pull out, give her her payment, walk her to the door, shut it firmly behind her. She's gone for good.

It can be an education, the things you learn when overhearing someone dispatch a prostitute from a whorehouse. The whore with a heart of gold doesn't exist. She's just as money-grubbing and filthy-tempered as the rest, she simply hides the worst parts better because being shitty to clients is bad for business. And the honesty of up-front payment is at least refreshing.)

Hold your safe spaces in an iron grip. Always be fully-aware that some of them you may be forced to let go of (your home is not worth your life or sanity). Be prepared to let go of many things if needed.

Stepping out for a bit again - still have to recuperate, a holiday would not go amiss. Enjoy your lives, my brothers.

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